Drinking water supply

Drinking water supply

Comprehensive automation

Discover inspiring solutions from the extraction of untreated water to distribution in the local network.

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  • Water extraction
    Water extraction

    Monitor and control your drinking water treatment process with solutions developed by Phoenix Contact.

  • Removal of suspended matter
    Removal of suspended matter

    Using solutions from Phoenix Contact, you can control the dosing unit depending on the water flow rate and acquire all relevant measured values.

  • Oxidation

    Phoenix Contact offers redundant systems from field level to control level in order to control and monitor the oxidation process reliably.

  • Disinfection, softening, sludge water treatment
    Disinfection, softening, sludge water treatment

    Phoenix Contact offers products and solutions that satisfy legal requirements as well as the high demands set in terms of water quality.

Drinking water quality is subject to stringent legal requirements. Operators of water treatment plants are responsible for ensuring the security of supply to the population as well as complying with legal conditions. Operators are always facing new challenges, given the varying quality of untreated water and the need to protect water resources from contamination.

Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive system in order to ensure reliable water treatment, storage, and distribution.

Overview: drinking water supply

Overview: drinking water supply

Safe solutions for drinking water supply: from water extraction to the distribution of drinking water

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