Sludge treatment

Sludge treatment

Efficient and safe

Implement energy-optimized and reliable sludge treatment – using solutions from Phoenix Contact.

In wastewater treatment, many solids accumulate in the form of sludge. The aim is to further process this as efficiently as possible or to dispose of it. To do so, the resulting sludge is treated prior to disposal in such a way that to a great extent, it loses the capacity to putrefy.

There are various ways of treating sludge, such as sludge digestion, thickening, stabilization, and drying. In all these processes, energy-efficient and reliable operation is of key importance. Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of solutions, from energy data acquisition to storing and evaluating operating data in the control room.

Your advantages

  • Secure storage and processing of operating data
  • Tailored reporting, thanks to flexible data acquisition and evaluation
  • Solutions for functional safety in wastewater applications

Reliable storage of operating data

Measured value acquisition for the wastewater intake  

Acquire, store, and archive measured values

Various measured values are determined and stored, from the wastewater intake to outfalls. They form the basis for the overall process of recording and analysis.

You can easily create detailed reports at any time with the reliable ACRON data management software, which is used for the acquisition, long-term storage, and evaluation of operating data.

Energy data acquisition for energy-efficient operation

Energy data acquisition  

Energy-efficient control of pumps and stirrers

When drying and purifying sewage sludge, energy-efficient control of the pumps and stirrers is crucial.

In order to save energy, and therefore operating costs, various measured values such as voltage, current, and electrical power are required. We offer a wide range of current measuring devices for standard interfaces, such as Modbus, PROFINET, and PROFIBUS.

Solutions for safe operation according to the Machinery Directive

Control cabinet with products for functional safety  

Solutions for functional safety

Centrifuges in sludge dewatering are used to thicken surplus and digested sludge and operate at more than 3000 rpm. The safety of personnel and machinery plays an important role here.

Phoenix Contact offers safe solutions and reliable services for functional safety, which ensure that you comply with all directives.

Safety concept for centrifuges

The SafetyBridge modules do not require a higher-level safe controller. Instead, logic that can be programmed by the user is integrated in a special, safe output module. If the safe speed measurement process detects an overspeed or one of the many emergency stop control devices is actuated, the logic module shuts down both centrifuge drives and, if required, any interlinked units, such as the sludge pumps.

Topology: safety concept for centrifuges

Implement your safety concept with SafetyBridge modules

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