Inflow control

Inflow control

For safe inflow

Ensure inflow to the wastewater treatment plant corresponds to requirements using control solutions from Phoenix Contact.

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Before it reaches the wastewater treatment plant, rain and wastewater (mixed water) is collected in a sewer; from there, it is delivered to the wastewater treatment plant with a delay. A rain overflow basin relieves the sewage system. The introduction of the water into the process is controlled depending on utilization. The control of the inflow pump to the wastewater treatment plant is based on level measurement that is aligned with set points.

Phoenix Contact offers reliable control solutions for storm-water relief systems and wastewater pumping stations. Specially developed function blocks and components for motor management designed to control the valves and frequency inverters ensure that inflow corresponds to requirements.

Your advantages

  • Efficient and cost-saving maintenance with concepts for mobile or distributed system access
  • Standardized protocols for integrating your remote control station into existing networks
  • Versatile data transmission via your own telecommunications cable, wireless or Industrial Wireless

Inflow monitoring from the rain overflow basin to the wastewater treatment plant

Measuring devices for inflow monitoring  

Inflow control according to requirements

Thanks to class 100 modular control technology from Phoenix Contact, inflow to the wastewater treatment plant from the rain overflow basin is controlled according to requirements and levels are continuously recorded.

All standard measuring devices can be easily integrated by means of preprogrammed function blocks.

Remote control technology for distributed wastewater pumping stations

Control cabinet for controlling the wastewater pump  

Modular remote control solutions for wastewater pumping stations

Whether mobile communication, cable, wireless technology or DSL – Phoenix Contact offers modular remote control solutions for existing and new systems.

Various transmission paths can be freely combined, ensuring optimum adaptation to the system structure.

Using the Resy+ remote control library, you can transmit your data securely from distributed stations to the control room via standardized protocols.

Remote diagnostics

Tablet for remote diagnostics  

Remote access to the system via smartphone or tablet

Access your system flexibly and diagnose the system state. Using the atvise® web-based visualization solution, you can view and access your system remotely at any time using your smartphone or tablet.

You can therefore design efficient operating and monitoring solutions for your technicians. You can also reduce costs for diagnostics and troubleshooting over the long term by means of planned maintenance in line with requirements.

Solutions for wastewater pumping stations: from motor management to secure data communication

When controlling wastewater pumping stations, the class 100 modular small-scale controller ensures that the relevant process data for level and flow measurements is read and transmitted reliably.

Depending on the technical and geographical requirements of your wastewater pumping station, MGuard security routers ensure reliable and above all secure communication to and from the control room.

The CONTACTRON motor management solution combines the function of a conventional reversing contactor circuit
with safety functions in a single device.

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Automate your wastewater pumping stations with solutions from Phoenix Contact

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