High-availability automation solutions

Use redundant solutions to monitor and control oxidation.

Oxidation is crucial to the drinking water system. Here, micropollutants are removed and the water is disinfected as bacteria are eliminated. A failsafe system is essential here.

Phoenix Contact offers redundant systems from field level to control level in order to control and monitor this sensitive process reliably. With many years of experience in this industry and offering scalable solutions, Phoenix Contact is the partner you want at your side.

Your advantages

  • Uninterrupted process in the event of failure or when a controller is replaced
  • Easy startup and automatic configuration of all redundancy functions, thanks to AutoSync Technology
  • A dedicated contact partner for the automation of your water installations, thanks to scalable turn-key solutions

Function block for drive technology

Drive technology for controlling the inflow and outflow valves  

Connect drives easily using preconfigured function blocks

The control of the inflow and outflow valves of the reaction tank is managed via drive technology, e.g., from Auma.

Special function blocks from the Waterworx library enable quick and easy integration of the drives.

Modular, easy marshalling in the ozone system

Digital inputs and outputs for controlling the ozone gas concentration  

Marshalling patchboards ensure the connection between field level and control level

Phoenix Contact offers a large number of analog and digital inputs and outputs, e.g., to control the concentration of ozone gas.

Modular marshalling patchboards ensure a connection between the field levels and the controller and enable easy signal marshalling.

Redundant controller in filtration stage 2

Redundant controller  

Uninterrupted process, thanks to redundant high-performance controllers

A wide range of procedures in open rapid sand filtration enable treatment in accordance with legal requirements.

Complete redundancy concepts, from the RFC 460R high-performance controller to visualization with atvise®, help ensure a smooth and uninterrupted process.

Solutions for wastewater pumping stations: from motor management to secure data communication

Fault tolerance is particularly important for the filtration stage. In order to guarantee this, it is vital that a redundant system is created.

Phoenix Contact provides redundant components, from the easy integration of field devices via the control and network level to the control system. This is the way to create a safe infrastructure.

Topology: consistent redundancy from field level to the control center

Turn-key solutions for redundancy from field level to SCADA level using products from Phoenix Contact

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