Mechanical preliminary treatment

Mechanical preliminary treatment

Efficient preliminary treatment

Benefit from reliable solutions that ensure that mechanical preliminary treatment is carried out smoothly.

During mechanical preliminary treatment, screens and a grit chamber remove gross contamination and mineral solids such as stones or glass fragments. This prevents blockages and leads to an optimum biological treatment process. To operate the wastewater treatment plant so that minimal maintenance is required, a reliable controller is essential. The fans, motors, and valves must also be monitored.

Phoenix Contact offers reliable solutions that satisfy the requirements for the ambient conditions, thereby ensuring that processes are carried out smoothly. These include modular control solutions, intrinsically safe input and output modules, as well as communication solutions.

Your advantages

  • Reliable system monitoring with turnkey solutions for numerous signal types
  • Communication solutions for any infrastructure, with technology for the Ex area
  • High availability of drive technology, thanks to standardized connection of frequency inverters with PROFINET

Intrinsically safe signal acquisition

I/Os for intrinsically safe signal acquisition  

Safe signal acquisition in Ex areas

In Ex areas, such as coarse and fine screens, safe signal acquisition is required. To this end, Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive product portfolio for the potentially explosive area.

Your I/O station is installed in Zone 2, while the sensors and actuators are installed in Zone 0, 1 or 2 as required.

Reliable wireless communication

Wireless module for wireless communication in the wastewater treatment plant  

Reliable communication via Trusted Wireless 2.0

Phoenix Contact offers solutions for the wireless control of moving system parts, such as those in the grit chamber, using powerful wireless connections with Trusted Wireless 2.0.

Benefit from the advantages of quick and easy startup without programming, thanks to easy address assignment of input and output modules.

Standardized connection of frequency inverters via PROFINET

Grit chamber and grease trap  

Connecting frequency inverters via PROFINET

In the grit chamber and grease trap, the high availability of the drive technology is essential, as the fans must continue to operate uninterrupted in order to maintain the flow velocity. This is the only way to ensure sedimentation of suspended solids.

Connecting the frequency inverters with cutting-edge PROFINET technology ensures standardized and reliable integration into the automation system.

Data acquisition from the Ex area and non-Ex area

Thanks to PROFINET, it is easy to integrate all distributed areas, such as the grit chamber and grease trap, into the system network.

The signals from the potentially explosive areas, e.g., the screening building, are acquired using intrinsically safe input and output modules and then reliably transmitted to the control room.

Topology: data acquisition from the Ex area and non-Ex area

Connect distributed system parts to the control technology via PROFINET

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