Intelligent well automation for groundwater abstraction


Groundwater wells  

Groundwater wells

  • Installing or modernizing conveying systems for groundwater abstraction often presents a technical challenge, especially with regard to the automation technology.
  • With its WellControl, Phoenix Contact is offering a solution to suit your individual requirements for the intelligent automation of your wells for groundwater abstraction.
  • The coordinated solution concepts from Phoenix Contact ensure the performance-optimized and cost-efficient operation of your systems.


Employee standing in a well field  

Reliable automation of a well field

Groundwater wells are decentrally located system parts of water treatment plants. They are essential for meeting drinking water demand that varies significantly over the day. It is therefore critical that the operation of the wells and therefore the supply is ensured at all times.

Preventive maintenance and the use of remote control technology are indispensable here. Furthermore, the aim is to ensure a balanced extraction rate for the individual wells in order to prevent the lowering of the groundwater table and to increase the service life of the wells.

The operator's sensitive approach to operating costs is also clear in their need for energy-efficient pump operation, which must be taken into consideration in the technical implementation. In order to satisfy these numerous requirements, a modern automation solution with a secure connection to the control center is required.


Control cabinet with automation technology for water extraction  

Automation technology for water extraction

Phoenix Contact is offering a pre-configured, configurable solution that carries out all the necessary control and regulation tasks for groundwater wells.

Benefit from the reduced startup times and costs resulting from the guided parameterization without the need for any programming. The IEC 60870-5-104 remote control protocol also enables easy and convenient connection to a control center.

The field devices are connected via the Waterworx process library from Phoenix Contact. Based on pre-programmed function blocks, this enables the efficient engineering of your systems.

At the heart of the automation hardware is an Axioline controller which is optimally equipped for future extensions thanks to PROFINET and Modbus/TCP functionality. In addition, a comprehensive concept for surge protection and the power supply ensures the security of supply that is required and allows servicing to be planned.

The components used provide comprehensive diagnostic options, which means that the state of your system can also be monitored remotely. MCR modules from the MINI Analog Pro range are also suitable for use in harsh environments. They filter and refresh all incoming analog values for further processing; repeater power supply operation of I/O devices can also be implemented easily.

Topology: protocol conversion  

Transmit process data from various remote control stations to the control room in a standardized way.

Your advantages

  • Efficient well operation, thanks to state-of-the-art automation technology
  • Reliable supply, thanks to an intelligent surge protection and power supply concept
  • Intuitive web visualization for on-site diagnostics and control of the system
  • Minimized engineering times and costs, thanks to intuitive parameterization

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