Connection technology for electromobility

E-mobility vanguard

Electromobility vanguard

Actively help change the shape of modern mobility with our unique charging system.

Charging systems from Phoenix Contact set new standards in the charging process for electric vehicles. Consequently, for example, the so-called “combined AC/DC charging system” for charging with DC and AC was developed in cooperation with major German automobile manufacturers.

Your advantages

  • Unique range of charging plug products – featuring type 1, type 2, and GB versions
  • User-friendly handling – with ergonomically shaped handle
  • Particularly robust and durable – thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the sturdy design
  • Safe use – thanks to a locking system between the charging plug and vehicle

AC plug-in charging system – all types from a single source

Type 2 AC charging system  

Type 2 AC charging system

Phoenix Contact offers the right AC charging system for the prevailing worldwide standards. Special locking concepts prevent the premature or accidental removal of the plug during the charging process.

  • Type 1 (USA/Japan) – currents up to 32 A and voltages up to 250 V
  • Type 2 (Europe) – currents up to 63 A and voltages up to 480 V
  • GB standard (China) – currents up to 32 A and voltages up to 440 V

Combined AC/DC charging system for fast charging

Inlets and socket outlets for e-mobility  

Type 2 DC charging system

The so-called “combined AC/DC charging system” supports the charging of electric vehicles with both DC and AC. Thanks to the inlet's universal pin connector pattern on the vehicle side, only one charging socket is required for both AC and DC charging.

For AC charging, the type 2 AC connector can be plugged into the inlet. The type 2 DC connector can be plugged into the inlet for fast charging on the move with up to 200 A.

Charging system for utility vehicles

DC plug-in connector for utility vehicles  

Plug-in system for electric utility vehicles

In addition to the standardized plug-in systems for automobiles, Phoenix Contact offers high-performance plug-in connectors for DC charging of large replacement battery units up to 400 A.

The DC replacement battery concept is particularly suitable for utility vehicles such as forklift trucks and transport and cleaning vehicles as well as for passenger transport with buses.

Monitoring and controlling

EV Charge Control charging controller  

EV Charge Control charging controller

EV Charge Control enables standard-compliant and reliable charging of electric vehicles. You can use the flexible charging controller in a wide variety of applications.

EMpro energy meters and PACT current transformers provide you with an overview of the relevant characteristic electrical data of your charging infrastructure at all times.

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