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High Power Charging for your application

The modular design of our HPC system gives you flexibility in terms of the possible applications when designing your fast charging infrastructure.

Our HPC system can be used anywhere where electric vehicle drivers are short on time. Especially on highways and at major traffic interchanges, we will be seeing separate HPC charging parks along with filling stations and rest stops with HPC charging stations in future. HPC charging stations are also used in semi-public and commercial parking lots in major cities and metropolitan areas.

Use in charging facilities and charging parks

Multiple charging stations at a charging facility with central cooling system  

Multiple charging stations at a charging facility with central cooling system

In these situations, the cooling system and controller are normally housed centrally, in a separate building, for example.

The distributed charging stations are supplied with coolant from there and are fitted with individual heat exchangers. All charging stations therefore use a common cooling circuit.

Use in stand-alone charging stations

Stand-alone charging station with integrated cooling system  

Stand-alone charging station with integrated cooling system

A complete HPC system can also be installed in a single charging station.

This means that the cooling system and controller are integrated in the charging station to create an independent cooling circuit together with the vehicle connector and charging cable.

Additional products for setting up your fast charging stations

Charging station manufacturers  

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of components for charging station manufacturers

In addition to our High Power Charging system, we offer a wide range of additional products for setting up high-performance fast charging stations.

Direct access to our High Power Charging cables

Get all the commercial and technical data, drawings, and downloads for our High Power Charging cables and corresponding accessories, and order directly online.

Your individual High Power Charging solution

Are you a fast charging station manufacturer or charging station planner interested in our High Power Charging technology?

We will be happy to help you, and will create suitable components for your High Power Charging solution that are tailored to your application.

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Learn how the technology in the High Power Charging vehicle connector works.

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