Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment

Your application determines the solution

Rely on comprehensive solutions for safe and energy-efficient wastewater treatment.

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  • Inflow control
    Inflow control

    Phoenix Contact offers control solutions for storm-water relief systems and wastewater pumps, as well as function blocks and components for motor management.

  • Mechanical preliminary treatment
    Mechanical preliminary treatment

    Control and communication solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure that mechanical preliminary treatment is carried out smoothly.

  • Biological treatment
    Biological treatment

    Function blocks, energy meters, network components, and control technology from Phoenix Contact all help ensure that biological treatment is carried out efficiently.

  • Secondary sedimentation
    Reliable system operation

    Phoenix Contact offers solutions for uninterrupted operation and wireless data communication for moving or hard-to-reach system parts.

  • Sludge treatment
    Sludge treatment

    Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of solutions for sludge treatment, from energy data acquisition to storing and evaluating operating data.

  • Process library for water management

    With the Waterworx process library, Phoenix Contact provides a software library which is tailored to the needs of the water and wastewater treatment industry.

The situation with regard to municipal wastewater disposal has changed enormously in recent years. Until now, the industry's environment was primarily determined by legal requirements, but wastewater disposal companies must now also tackle new tasks. Some of these include demographic change, the impact of global climate change, the need for renovation, and the handling of micropollutants as well as the efficient use of resources and energy.

Furthermore, new treatment processes are emerging, such as cavitation for the removal of hormone residues and the use of wastewater heat on the way to the wastewater treatment plant. As a long-standing partner to the water management industry, we tackle these challenges together with you.

Overview: wastewater treatment

Overview: wastewater treatment

Reliable solutions for wastewater treatment: from automation technology for controlling inflow to energy-efficient solutions for sludge treatment.

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