Spring-cage connection of the terminal block in detail

Spring connection The spring connection enables you to make a quick and vibration-resistant conductor connection.

  • Time savings through easy operation
  • Reliable vibration resistance with spring-loaded contact elements
  • High contact quality with the use of high-quality materials
  • Connection of conductors in the nominal cross-section with or without ferrules thanks to maximum wiring space

The spring connection in detail

Spring connection technology from Phoenix Contact provides you with highly convenient connection and intuitive operation. Spring connections are especially suitable for easy and safe wiring of all types of conductor from 0.08 to 185 mm². The main feature of spring connection technology is the spring contacting of the conductor. The contact force is determined by the spring.

Our portfolio with spring-cage connection

Terminal block with spring-cage connection

ST 2,5 terminal block

Terminal blocks

With spring-cage technology, the spring is opened via the actuation shaft using a screwdriver. In this process, the screwdriver is secured in the open terminal point. This ensures that users have both hands free and can also wire flexible conductors without ferrules. The positioned screwdriver keeps the terminal point open and also provides visual orientation. When the tool is removed, the spring pulls the conductor against the busbar. This connection can be released in the same way.

Spring connection with a PCB connection

PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors

The spring is opened via the actuation shaft using a screwdriver. In this process, the screwdriver is secured in the open terminal point and enables convenient conductor connection of all types of conductors. By removing the screwdriver, the spring pulls the conductor against the busbar and ensures long-term stable contacting due to the defined contact force.

Our portfolio with PowerTurn connection

High-current terminal block with Power-Turn connection


Terminal blocks

PowerTurn spring connection technology enables large conductors from 16 to 185 mm² to be connected quickly and easily using a screwdriver and a single lever movement. Up to three high-quality spring-steel pressure springs work with the prismatic terminal body base, as well as the application of high-grade copper alloys, to create a vibration-resistant conductor connection that is stable in the long term.

Our portfolio with T-LOX connection

Spring connection with high-current feed-through terminal blocks

High-current feed-through terminal blocks

Conductors above a cross-section of 35 mm² can be connected without great deal of effort. The terminal point is open at the top, with a clear view of the terminal point. This means that even short or multi-stranded conductors can be conveniently inserted into the terminal point from above and connected. The lever in a contrasting color is actuated with a screwdriver.

Our portfolio with SUNCLIX connection

Spring connection with photovoltaic connectors

Photovoltaic connectors

The SUNCLIX spring connection on solar connectors does not require an insulator, lever, or permanently tensioned spring. The spring element itself is mounted so that it can be rotated and is simply pressed down to contact the conductor until it clicks. This feature makes the SUNCLIX spring connection a very flexible contact.