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Phoenix Contact invite you to a webinar series this spring concerning the topic Machine safety and its various aspects.
We have put together 5 independent events for you to join if there is time and interest.

No prior knowledge is need, just an interest in the subjects. We will touch on the basics and if needed we can dig deeper into the subjects in individual calls or later follow-up webinars.

The duration is 45-60 min, and the presentation is in English.
Please feel free to share these events within your company.

23 Feb, 14.30 - Functional safety and the new Machinery regulation-an overview

1 Mar, 14.30 - Risk assessment - an essential part

5 Apr, 14.30 - Teams link: Designing and calculating a safety function
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3 May, 14.30 - Teams link: News in ISO 13849-1:2023
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28 Jun, 14.30 - Teams link: News in IEC 62061:2021
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Short descriptions

  1. A quick summary of the role the Machinery Directive (2006/41/EC) has served, and the Machinery Regulation (2023/1230/EU) will have.
  2. An overview of the role of the (Safety) Risk assessment, its importance and what is needed to be considered, to design suitable mitigating safety functions.
  3. The design of a Safety function, the mitigating reply to risks identified in the Risk assessment. An introduction to the SISTEMA tool.
  4. A more detailed view of the changes in the ISO 13849-1:2023 standard, Safety-related parts of a control system.
  5. A more detailed view of the changes in the IEC 62061:2021 standard, Functional safety of safety-related control systems.
  6. For any questions please contact Axel Baur Siby: