We move you forward as a device manufacturer

References for device manufacturers Stable connection: This is how we move you forward as a device manufacturer

Miniaturization, easy handling, and versatile use of connectors and PCB terminal blocks: More than ever, device manufacturers are playing a key role in industrial and infrastructure solutions. With our application knowledge and comprehensive product portfolio, we offer services that are tailored to your needs.

See for yourself how our customers benefit from Phoenix Contact’s device connection technology.

SKEDD direct connectors in the Drico 2.0 gate controller

SKEDD direct connectors for automated gate control

Direct-connection technology for automatic controls: ASO GmbH uses SKEDD direct plug-in connectors for the automatic gate controller “Drico 2.0”. The connectors from Phoenix Contact allow additional connections to be added as needed.

Intelligent street lighting on a street in Bielefeld, Germany

Reliable connection solutions for modern LED lighting

LED technology for outdoor use: WE-EF Leuchten GmbH relies on connection technology from Phoenix Contact for light sources on streets and in buildings. With LED solutions from Phoenix Contact, the outdoor lights are user-friendly and durable.

Compact servo drives with connection technology from Phoenix Contact

Compact servo drives with connection technology in M8 and M12

Circular connectors for Industry 4.0: Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH uses smart connection technology from Phoenix Contact in M8 and M12 for its modular compact servo drives. This allows customers to increase the productivity and efficiency of their systems.

VDS Verkehrstechnik

Robust high-speed cabling via RJ45

VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbH relies on industrial RJ45 data connectors from Phoenix Contact in harsh conditions to ensure that speed measurement devices function perfectly even under the most adverse environmental conditions. With different cable outlet directions, the connectors for field assembly offer a high degree of flexibility for on-site cabling.

Optical sensor

Image data in industrial applications

Optical sensors are the “eyes” of systems in industrial applications. However, just as with humans, in industrial applications a powerful peripheral system must ensure that image processing functions without errors and at the required performance level. Phoenix Contact data connectors provide a reliable solution here.

The KE5 AS-i control cabinet module

From electronics housing to control cabinet module

Custom-fit housing for plant engineering: Compact modules in the lower field level with a high number of connection points are rare. For this reason, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed the KE5 control cabinet module in cooperation with Phoenix Contact – based on the ME-IO electronics housing.

Electronics housing for a recording device for temperatures and energies (Energy Controller)

Modular housing concept with DIN rail connector

Functional packaging for a recording device for temperatures and energies: Scheidl GmbH uses the BC electronics housing from Phoenix Contact for its Energy Controller. The 16-pos. DIN rail connector was the key to the device design.

Universal electronics housing in logistics

Universal housing concept for the IoT gateway

An adaptable housing for IoT applications: MyOmega Systems GmbH was looking for a flexible housing concept with a high modularity of the housing parts, and they found what they were looking for at Phoenix Contact. The UCS electronics housing now serves as a protective cover for the “d3” IoT gateway.

Controller for room automation

Electronics housings for building automation

A front connection housing for smart buildings: Neuberger Gebäudeautomation GmbH uses the ME-IO electronics housing in the room automation system Open.Room. Together with Phoenix Contact, Neuberger has adapted the housing to the special requirements.