Space-saving EMpro DC energy meters for tamper-proof measurement and precise billing

Space-saving 650 kW DC energy meters for tamper-proof power measurement up to 650 kW

The new compact EMpro DC energy meter from Phoenix Contact enables the space-saving, precise, and tamper-proof direct measurement of currents and voltages of up to 650 A/1,000 V DC.

The proven RS-485 interface with SLIP protocol in the OCMF data format and the calibration-law approval mean that the meters are suitable for billing purposes in charging infrastructure.

The DC energy meter enables the accuracy-class-B (EN 50470-3) measurement of direct currents and voltages without the need for an additional current transformer. With an overall width of just 107.2 mm, the product requires a space of just six horizontal pitches (HP) on the DIN rail. For use in billing purposes, the DC energy meter has an approval in accordance with German calibration law, which includes both a mechanically tamper-proof housing and the signing of the meter values and time synchronization of the meter. The product’s heatsink with integrated shunt measurement allows reliable operation in an extended temperature application range from -40°C to +80°C. The built-in RS-485 interface is used to communicate the measurement data with higher-level control systems via the simplified point-to-point protocol, SLIP.

In addition, the use of the OCMF data format and the ability to compensate for charging cable losses make the EMpro energy meter ideal for billing during charging processes in the e-mobility infrastructure, and in particular as a pre-programmed system solution in interaction with the CHARX control DC charging controllers from Phoenix Contact.

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