Phoenix Contact plans an extensive investment program for medium to long-term growth

Ulrich Leidecker speaking at the SPS automation trade fair in Nuremberg

During a press conference at the SPS automation trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, Ulrich Leidecker, Chief Operating Officer of Phoenix Contact, spoke about the company’s economic development, which, after two years of above-average growth, has been characterized by a significant decline in incoming orders since the second quarter of 2023. It is currently forecast that Phoenix Contact will close the 2023 fiscal year with a fall in revenue of around two percent compared to the previous year and a total revenue of three-and-a-half billion euros.

“If we consider our development from 2019, we have actually achieved an average growth of 9.1 percent year on year up to today. This shows that the current economic development is not a structural problem. Phoenix Contact’s products and solutions are used in particular for electrification and automation, which are areas in which investments will continue to be made in the future”. The decline in demand, driven by excessively high inventories at several points throughout the entire value chain, is affecting all regions of the world. This is particularly noticeable in Asia, whereas some European countries continue to record growth. The number of employees is increasing only very slightly, and remains just below 22,000.

Leidecker emphasized just how special 2023 is for Phoenix Contact, despite the onset of an economic downturn in the second half of the year: “We had the pleasure and privilege of celebrating our 100th anniversary with our employees and customers worldwide. We have achieved a great deal throughout these 100 years, and have remained true to the values and culture of our family business despite our growth and development”.

The General Managers and shareholders used numerous events, family days, and staff parties as an opportunity to express their appreciation to their employees for their exceptional dedication and commitment, which has made it possible for the company to become what it is today. “We also highlighted and strengthened our partnerships with our customers by sharing special moments with them at events. After all, it is together with our customers and business partners that we are driving forward solutions for the energy revolution that form the basis for a sustainable world”. The focus was therefore also on global sustainability projects, which were implemented together with partners and the global subsidiaries in 2023.

You can find out more about the investment program and the sustainability and efficiency measures, both in the new Building 60 and in existing buildings, in the statement available for download in the right-hand column.

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Eva von der Weppen
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