Sustainability projects

Our ideas for a better future.
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Sustainable projects around the world

100 years of Phoenix Contact: When you have a milestone birthday, it’s only right to celebrate. But you can also give something back. Phoenix Contact has therefore called on all subsidiaries to use the company’s milestone anniversary as a starting point and an opportunity to realize individual, sustainable projects. As a result our ideas and actions are currently promoting a wide range of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout the world.

You can view inspiring projects from around the world here. We will continue to take you along with us and report on exciting projects. All with the goal of taking responsibility and making the world a little better together.

Our sustainability projects

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Green landscape from a bird’s eye view

Sustainable actions and management

Phoenix Contact is fully committed to the conservation of resources and the protection of the environment and climate and take this commitment far beyond individual projects. We take these topics seriously and focus on a sustainable value chain – from development and manufacturing to logistics.

International objective

Our commitment to initiating and implementing sustainable projects worldwide is closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short.

A total of 17 of these international sustainability goals were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 to ensure sustainable development at the economic, social, and ecological levels.

Phoenix Contact employees in front of the 100-year logo

100 years of passion for technology and innovation

Phoenix Contact employees have been empowering society for 100 years. They combine their passion for technology and innovation to jointly develop valuable contributions for a better future. For a future in which sustainable actions and management have the highest priority.

Learn more about these special connections and experience 100 years of Phoenix Contact.