Application engineers while commissioning tunnel lighting

Tunnel lighting Intelligent lighting solutions for tunnels and underpasses

Installation companies, operators, and lighting system planners must illuminate tunnels uniformly in accordance with the applicable standards and control the intensity of the lighting depending on the situation. Flexible and reliable control of individual lighting groups is necessary to provide energy-optimized tunnel lighting that complies with the CIE88 standard.

Ready-to-install tunnel lighting solutions from Phoenix Contact that are integrated simply into the control system via the Ethernet network save a lot of time, money, and energy.

Illuminated tunnel entrance and exit

The right lighting level

Good visibility and consistent lighting are essential for safety in tunnels. The traffic volume and emergency situations that may occur have an impact on the correct lighting level. In order to counteract the risk of accidents, especially when vehicles are entering the tunnel, the lighting conditions need to be adjusted sensitively to the increasing darkness.
Lighting scenarios tailored to requirements make it possible for drivers’ eyes to adjust to the lighting conditions more quickly when entering and exiting, which prevents accidents. Lights with special optics that optimize the luminance in tunnel environments also ensure maximum energy efficiency in the tunnel.

Principles of tunnel lighting

Principles of tunnel lighting

Tunnel Functions software screens

Tunnel Lighting Advanced Save energy in tunnel lighting

Make energy-saving and needs-based tunnel lighting a reality with Tunnel Lighting Advanced. With the predefined control cabinet solutions, you can configure your entire lighting system quickly and easily, without any programming effort. Combined with the versatile and robust QPD installation system, Tunnel Lighting Advanced ensures fast installation and maintenance procedures. With it, you extend maintenance intervals and save operating costs.
The intelligent control system ensures the ideal lighting level throughout the entire tunnel by incorporating parameters that affect the light intensity. In addition to the measured luminance at the tunnel entrance, the current traffic speed and traffic density are also taken into account, for example. Since only as much light is generated as is needed at any given time, the energy costs are lower and the service life of the LED lights is longer.
The control system is available in two versions: with classic DALI control or with the extended proprietary Phoenix Contact Lumgate control. Integration into the control system takes place as needed via a selection of standard protocols.

Monitors in the control room of the tunnel

Your tunnel in view

Use the Tunnel Functions software library to automate your tunnel applications. Function blocks specially developed for the tunnel industry simplify the connection and integration of complex Phoenix Contact tunnel solutions to the control system.

Structure and elements of the lighting solution

Structure and elements of the lighting solution in a tunnel

Fast commissioning and effective management of your tunnel lighting network with Tunnel Lighting Advanced

Intelligent lighting of tunnel systems

Connector system for tunnel lighting
Control cabinet for controlling the tunnel lighting
Application engineer using the Tunnel Lighting Advanced visualization
Illuminated tunnel passage
Connector system for tunnel lighting

In tunnels, both the lighting and the emergency control system must operate reliably. Plug-and-play concepts make installation and maintenance quick and easy.

Phoenix Contact delivers the power line and bus line pre-assembled to the construction site. Each cable in your tunnel project is cut to size in advance, fitted with the necessary connectors, and labeled.
The flexible and robust QPD installation system with proven QUICKON fast connection technology ensures rapid and error-free installation of the lighting. The three phases of the power connection are loaded equally, because the QPD system is equipped with phase rotation.

The option of pre-assembly in combination with auto-addressing the LED drivers significantly reduces installation time.

Control cabinet for controlling the tunnel lighting

Our ready-to-install control cabinet solutions allow you to configure your entire lighting system quickly and easily. The pre-programmed solutions can be integrated as needed into your existing automation systems. As a result, you reduce your programming effort by up to 75%.

Application engineer using the Tunnel Lighting Advanced visualization

The diagnostic function featured in Tunnel Lighting Advanced helps you plan predictive maintenance. Potential faults or premature failure of tunnel luminaires are detected with the help of the continuous energy measurement of each individual light point. With just the push of a button, the system learns the current characteristics of the entire tunnel lighting system and can inform the operator in the event of deviations.

Illuminated tunnel passage

Only generate as much light as is currently necessary. The control of the activation electronics and LED drivers is predefined in the form of 50 different scenarios. There are also 15 special scenarios that can be prioritized in special situations, for example in the event of an emergency or a dangerous event.

In addition to the application program, the specifications from a photometric analysis are also incorporated. The intelligent control system independently reads in the respective configuration file, which, together with other frame parameters, forms the basis for lighting control in accordance with CIE88. This ensures that both the specifications of the tunnel operator and the applicable legal requirements are satisfied.

Your advantages

  • Flexible reaction to various traffic and daylight situations
  • Easy installation and commissioning with Plug and Play and auto-addressing drivers
  • Efficient maintenance due to enhanced diagnostic state and operating lifetimes
  • Compensation of losses due to aging and dirt with constant light output
Logo Partnership between Phoenix Contact and Schréder

Partnership with Schréder

Together with its long-standing partner Schréder, Phoenix Contact is driving the development of innovative technologies for safe and efficient tunnel lighting. Schréder, the expert for light, and Phoenix Contact, the know-how provider in tunnel automation, are in close exchange. In addition to early involvement in new product and solution developments, end customers also benefit from the partnership with significantly shorter installation times.
The expertise of Schréder and Phoenix Contact complement each other ideally, making them competent industry partners for the implementation of challenging tunnel projects worldwide.

Vierarmen Tunnel

Together with its partners Schréder, VSE, ENGIE Fabricom, and Tein Technology, Phoenix Contact has modernized the entire lighting system in Belgium’s Vierarmen Tunnel. From now on, dynamic tunnel lighting ensures maximum energy savings. To ensure better visibility in the tunnel and maximum safety for all road users, each light is controlled according to the external lighting conditions.
The lighting solution was integrated into the overall management platform of all tunnels in Flanders. Thanks to pre-assembled cables and auto-addressing the LED drivers, the installation time was greatly reduced. The tunnel control system was commissioned simply and quickly, without any programming effort. The lighting configuration was loaded directly into the controller.

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