HSCP-SP 2,5-1UTT-62/62-7035 - Printed-circuit board connector

PCB connector, nominal cross section: 2.5 mm2, color: light grey, nominal current: 8 A, rated voltage (III/2): 320 V, contact surface: Tin, contact connection type: Socket, number of potentials: 2, number of rows: 2, number of positions: 2, number of connections: 4, product range: HSCP-SP 2,5-.., pitch: 5 mm, connection method: Push-in spring connection, conductor/PCB connection direction: 0 °, locking clip: - Locking clip, plug-in system: HSC 2,5, locking: without, mounting: without, type of packaging: packed in cardboard, Spring opener color: blue, red/blue, red

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Bridged version for the simple connection of individual positions