SPT 5/ 1-H-7,5 - PCB terminal block

PCB terminal block, nominal current: 41 A, rated voltage (III/2): 630 V, nominal cross section: 6 mm2, number of potentials: 1, number of rows: 1, number of positions per row: 1, product range: SPT 5/..-H, pitch: 7.5 mm, connection method: Push-in spring connection, mounting: Wave soldering, conductor/PCB connection direction: 0 °, color: green, Pin layout: Linear pinning, Solder pin [P]: 4.6 mm, number of solder pins per potential: 2, type of packaging: packed in cardboard

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Time saving push-in connection, tools not required
Defined contact force ensures that contact remains stable over the long term
Clamping space opened by means of fixed screwdriver enables convenient conductor connection
Operation and conductor connection from one direction enable integration into front of device