PRC 5-FC-FS6 8-21 HR - Coupler connector

Coupler connector, Range of articles: PRC 35, design: Release with tool or by hand (see accessories), housing material: PPE, color: black, number of positions: 5, min. conductor cross section: 1.5 mm2, max. conductor cross section: 6 mm2, rated voltage: 690 V AC, rated current: 35 A, Connection method: Screw connection, Contact connection type: Socket, min. cable diameter: 8 mm, max. cable diameter: 21 mm, Variant for manual release

Докладно про виріб

Сумісна продукція


Up to 75% smaller in size than industrial connectors with the same rating
Locking mechanism can be unlocked manually or using a tool
Suitable for applications in atmospheres containing salt and in direct sunlight
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use due to weatherproof materials