I/O component - AXL F BK PN TPS 2403869

Axioline F, Bus coupler, PROFINET, RJ45 jack, transmission speed in the local bus: 100 Mbps, degree of protection: IP20, including bus base module and Axioline F connector

Detalii despre produs

The bus coupler is intended for use within a PROFINET network. It is the link to the Axioline F I/O system. Up to 63 Axioline F devices can be connected to the bus coupler. Device descriptions for Phoenix Contact controllers are integral parts of the engineering tools PC Worx and PLCnext Engineer. Corresponding GSDML files are available for integrating the Axioline F station into other programming systems. These files can be downloaded at: phoenixcontact.net/product/2403869.

Cod comandă 2403869
Unitate de ambalare 1 pc
Cantitate minimă pentru comandă 1 pc
Pagina de catalog Pagina 69 (C-6-2019)
GTIN 4055626345826
Greutate pe bucată (inclusiv ambalajul) 220,8 GRM
Greutate pe bucată (fără ambalaj) 220,8 GRM
Cod tarifar vamal 85389091
Țara de origine DE


UL Listed

Approval Specification Data
Nominal voltage UN 125 V
Nominal current IN 1 A

cUL Listed

Approval Specification Data
Nominal voltage UN 125 V
Nominal current IN 1 A

cULus Listed

Avantajele dumneavoastră

2 Ethernet ports (with integrated switch)
Conformance with PROFINET specification V2.3
Supported protocols: PROFINET, TFTP, PTCP, LLDP, SNMP, MRP, DCP, DDI, BootP (BootP only for executing firmware updates)
Supports PROFIsafe
Supports PROFIenergy
Supports PROFINET S2 system redundancy (firmware version 1.30 or later)
Minimum cycle time of PROFINET for RT and IRT is 250 μs
Firmware can be updated
Runtime in bus coupler is negligible (almost 0 µs)
Typical cycle time of the Axioline F local bus is around 10 μs