Vehicle Connector test adapter - EV-T2MBIE24-1ACDC-INFRA6,0

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Special Vehicle Inlet for charging station tests, solely for laboratory tests, tests with charging stations (EVSE), and further analyses on the infrastructure side - not for installation in any type of vehicle, cannot be used outside of the laboratory area

Application as a test adapter for charging station tests
Combined Charging System
Locking type Locking in the inserted state with a locking mechanism
Insertion force < 100 N
Charging standard CCS type 2
Charging mode Mode 2, 3, 4

Number of phases 1
Type of signal transmission Pulse width modulation with modulated Powerline communication according to ISO/IEC 15118 / DIN SPEC 70121
Type of charging current DC, AC 1-phase
Note on the connection method Crimp connection, cannot be disconnected
Insulation resistance > 5 kΩ
Maximum capacity 106 kVA
Temperature monitoring 2x Pt 1000
Power contact
Number 5 (L1, N, PE, DC+, DC-)
Rated voltage 250 V AC
850 V DC
Rated current 125 A DC
20 A AC
Signal contact
Number 2 (CP, PP)
Rated voltage 30 V AC
Rated current 2 A
Locking actuator
Number of positions of theconnectors 4
Operating voltage 24 V (Typical power supply at the motor)
Possible power supply range at the motor 22 V ... 26 V
Maximum voltage for locking detection 30 V
Typical motor current for locking 0.05 A
Reverse current of the motor max. 0.5 A
Max. dwell time with reverse current 1 s
Recommended adaptation time 600 ms
Pause time after entry or exit path 3 s
Service life insertion cycles > 10000 load cycles
Ambient temperature (operation) -30 °C ... 50 °C
Cable length 0.5 m
Cable structure 4 x 0.5 mm²
Lock recognition available
Mechanical emergency release available

Desenho cotado
Width 76 mm
Height 116 mm
Length 94 mm
Bore dimensions 116 mm x 46 mm / 116 mm x 70 mm

Color Housing black
Contact surface Ag
Material Plastic

Insertion/withdrawal cycles > 10000

Fixed cable length 6 m (AC cables)
6 m (DC cables)
0.5 m (Locking actuator cables)
Cable structure
Cable type Single wires
Cable structure 2 x 35 mm² + 1 x 25 mm² + 2 x 2.5 mm² + 3 x 2 x 0.5 mm²
Single wire, cross section 2.5 mm²

Mechanical data
Insertion force < 100 N
Withdrawal force < 100 N
Design Generation 1
Customer variations On request
Locking type Locking in the inserted state with a locking mechanism

Ambient conditions
Degree of protection (when plugged in) IP44 (plugged in)
Degree of protection IP44 (plugged in)
IP55 (with protective cap)
Ambient temperature (operation) -30 °C ... 50 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C ... 80 °C
Altitude 5000 m (above sea level)

Standards/regulations IEC 62196-3

Possible mounting positions Front and rear mounting
Restrictions to mounting position Only 0 to 90 degree frontal inclination possible, see figure
Mounting hole diameter 6.80 mm (ø)
Position of the locking actuator Left-side

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