Crimping pliers - CRIMPFOX-RCI 6-M

Crimping pliers, compact pliers, for symmetrical insulated cable lugs, 0.5 mm2 ... 6.0 mm2 (red, blue, yellow), three marked die stations, unlockable pressure lock, lateral entry

Detalhes dos produtos

Environmental Product Compliance
California Proposition 65 Further information on California's prop. 65 is available under "Downloads" in the manufacturer's declaration

Product type Crimping tool
Compression Oval crimp
Crimping position 1
Min. cross section 0.5 mm²
Max. cross section 1.5 mm²
AWG min 20
AWG max 16
Crimping position 1
Min. cross section 1.5 mm²
Max. cross section 2.5 mm²
AWG min 16
AWG max 14
Crimping position 1
Min. cross section 4 mm²
Max. cross section 6 mm²
AWG min 12
AWG max 10

Conductor connection
Cross section range, metric 0.5 mm² ... 6 mm²
Cross section range AWG 20 ... 10

Width 22 mm
Height 76 mm
Length 204 mm

Color black

N.º de artigo 1212730
Pcs./Emb 1 Unidade
Quantidade mínima de pedido 1 Unidade
Chave comercial BH3
Chave de produto BH3132
Página de catálogo Página 423 (C-3-2019)
GTIN 4046356857895
Peso por unidade (inclusive embalagem) 619,3 g
Peso por unidade (excluindo embalagem) 619,3 g
Número do imposto alfandegário 82032000
País de origem SE


ECLASS-9.0 21043811
ECLASS-10.0.1 21043811
ECLASS-11.0 21043811


ETIM 8.0 EC000168


UNSPSC 21.0 27111500


ID de certificação: RU x-DE.xx08.B.02974


Unlockable pressure lock
The color-coded dies clearly indicate the cross section
Crimping pliers for cable lugs and connectors
They unlock as soon as the required crimping pressure is reached, therefore ensuring sufficient pressure is applied.