RSS feeds

What are RSS feeds?
An RSS feed is a short text with a link to the full version of the article. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a format that can be displayed in web browsers, mail programs, and web portals such as Yahoo Mail. Feed refers to published content that can be delivered directly to subscribers.

When do I receive RSS feeds?
As soon as new Phoenix Contact news and press releases are published, we can make these available to you via the RSS channel. You can specify in your program how often you wish to receive RSS feeds. The advantage for you is that you can read and manage all the RSS feeds that you are subscribed to in one program.

Where can I find RSS feeds from Phoenix Contact?
You can subscribe to our news updates in the News area under Products. Are you a journalist? You can find the RSS feeds for our press releases under Press.

How do I read RSS feeds?
You can read RSS feeds in web browsers, mail programs or on portable terminals. Refer to the help info for your browser or mail program for how to set up RSS feeds. In addition, RSS readers are available which you can use independently of a browser.

For further information on RSS and RSS readers, visit the following website: