Thermal transfer printing system

Fast, compact, and inexpensive

Fast, compact, and inexpensive

Easy printing: the thermal transfer printing system can be installed in no time at all and is easy to operate.

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Use the thermal transfer printing systems to print marking material for terminals, conductors, cables, and devices quickly and easily. The systems are available individually or as a set of two printers with a notebook. The set and the large selection of material provides a complete, perfectly coordinated marking system.

Your advantages

  • Reliable, thanks to proven printing method
  • Service-friendly thanks to maintenance-free operation, e.g. no drying out of ink
  • High quality: clear printing quality, barcode-capable, font heights from 1.6 mm
  • Safe operation with material detection, touchscreen, and easy replacement of ink ribbons and materials

Mobile THERMOMARK PRIME thermal transfer printer



The THERMOMARK PRIME is the unique combination of proven, reliable printing technology, a complete, integrated marking software, and a durable, independent energy supply. The THERMOMARK PRIME is your transportable, mobile marking center. Touchscreen, capsule ink ribbons and a replaceable battery simplify printer operation right on site.

  • Easy data entry, thanks to integrated marking software
  • Up to seven hours operation, thanks to a powerful battery pack
  • Changing the material and ink ribbon is easy, in under ten seconds
  • Wide range of material, with more than 600 marker types to mark the widest range of applications
  • Automatic ink ribbon, magazine, and material detection prevents printing errors

THERMOMARK CARD for card formats

THERMOMARK CARD from Phoenix Contact prints card formats for the marking of terminal blocks, conductors, and cables, as well as devices  

THERMOMARK CARD prints plastic labels

THERMOMARK CARD prints plastic labels.

The labels are grouped into cards, which determine the external form factor. The formats are as follows:

  • UCT (UniCard for Thermal transfer printer): high-profile plastic marking.
  • US (UniSheet): flat plastic material with pre-punched individual signs.

THERMOMARK CARD features the proven technology of the thermal transfer printer:

  • Maintenance-free operation
  • High-quality and fast marking
  • Easy operation
  • Easy integration into existing IT structures
  • Easy control with CLIP PROJECT marking software from Phoenix Contact

THERMOMARK ROLL for roll and continuous formats

THERMOMARK ROLL from Phoenix Contact prints roll and continuous formats for the marking of terminals, conductors, and cables, as well as devices.  

THERMOMARK ROLL prints on roll and continuous formats

The THERMOMARK ROLL prints on labels and shrink sleeves in roll and continuous formats. This features the tried-and-tested technology of the thermal transfer printer:

  • Maintenance-free operation
  • High-quality and fast marking
  • Easy operation
  • Easy integration into existing IT structures
  • Easy control with marking software from Phoenix Contact
  • Optional cutter and perforator

Marking set for all formats

THERMOMARK LINE from Phoenix Contact consists of two printers and a notebook to print all formats.  

The marking set consists of two printers and a notebook

THERMOMARK CARD is used to print on plastic labels, while THERMOMARK ROLL prints onto labels and shrink sleeves using a roll format.

The marking notebook includes CLIP PROJECT professional marking software, plus drivers for all printing systems. The software covers the entire range of materials.

A special editor is available that enables you to individually adapt the marking system.

During startup, simply connect the printers to the notebook using a USB cable – you can start printing right away.


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