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Safe and reliable functions

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MACX Analog signal conditioners are all consistently SIL-certified according to IEC 61508

Phoenix Contact meets the requirements of functional safety according to IEC 61508 in a standardized development process.

The certified MACX Analog signal conditioners are available in all safety-related applications up to SIL 2. This ensures the highest level of reliability and safety for your systems.

Precise transmission and high operational reliability

Safe electrical isolation of input, output, and supply  

High operational reliability, thanks to 3-way electrical isolation

MACX Analog signal conditioners are consistently designed with safe electrical isolation between input, output, and supply. This ensures the precise transmission of your signals and increases operational reliability in the event of disturbances in your system.

Easy configuration also possible without software

Configuration with operator interface  

Easy monitoring, configuration, and copying without software

MACX Analog signal conditioners can be programmed very easily without software. You can choose from various configuration methods according to the device type:

  • Via DIP switches, directly under the transparent cover on the front of the device
  • Via operator interface and display unit, which are simply snapped onto compatible devices. You can therefore also copy your settings onto other modules or monitor process values directly in the control cabinet.
    When used in combination with the separate holder, you have a convenient hand-held operator panel that can also be mounted on a DIN rail as a remote display unit.

Convenient configuration and monitoring

IFS-CONF system software  

Convenient configuration and monitoring via software

Compatible MACX Analog signal conditioners can also be configured easily from the PC using the free software.

Here you can choose between three solutions:

  1. ANALOG-CONF stand-alone software
  2. FDT/DTM software package
  3. Stand-alone DTMs, allowing you to use your existing FDT frame application

The integrated monitoring function enables you to record current system values. All devices that support configuration via software can also be supplied preconfigured on request.

Easy to maintain and safe: plug-in connection terminal blocks

Plug-in connection terminal blocks  

Plug-in connection terminal blocks with coding

MACX Analog signal conditioners feature easy-maintenance connection technology. You can choose between screw technology or a spring-cage version with fast push-in technology.

Coding and clear marking ensure reliable protection against polarity reversal and prevent unintentional mismatching of pre-wired connection terminal blocks.

In addition, we have integrated sockets into the connection terminal blocks. They can be used to connect your HART communicators, for example.

Intelligent concept for supply and diagnostics

Supply via DIN rail connector  

Modular bridging of 24 V supply and diagnostics signals

MACX Analog signal conditioners offer two solutions for the device supply:

The system solution

Bridge the 24 V supply voltage using the DIN rail connector. This simplifies wiring, system expansion or module replacement. You can therefore either supply the supply voltage directly via any MACX Analog module or use the power and error message module with additional group error indication.

The flexible solution

Thanks to the wide-range power supply, you can install appropriately equipped MACX Analog signal conditioners directly in all power supply networks – worldwide and without an additional power supply unit.

Fast and error-free signal connection

Termination carriers with MACX Analog signal conditioners  

MACX Analog termination carriers with standard DIN rail devices

Termination carriers are compact solutions for quickly and smoothly connecting DIN rail devices from the MACX Analog series to input and output cards of automation systems.

Connect the termination carriers to your controller quickly and smoothly using pre-assembled VARIOFACE system cabling – plug and play.

You can therefore combine the advantages of modular DIN rail devices with those offered by plug and play system cabling to create a consistent solution for system technology.

Maximum explosion protection for all Ex zones and gas groups

Ex and IECEx approval

MACX Analog signal conditioners offer maximum explosion protection

MACX Analog

MACX Analog signal conditioners are approved in accordance with the applicable ATEX and IECEx standards:

  • Ex n – for installation in Ex zone 2

MACX Analog Ex

Many process technology systems have areas where potentially explosive atmospheres may occur. As such, measuring and control circuits are usually designed with intrinsic safety protection type Ex i.

MACX Analog Ex i signal conditioners and measuring transducers isolate intrinsically safe circuits from non-intrinsically safe circuits and safely limit the energy supplied to the Ex area. Furthermore, they handle extensive signal conditioning tasks.

All MACX Analog Ex signal conditioners are approved in accordance with the applicable ATEX and IECEx standards:

  • [Ex ia] – for intrinsically safe circuits up to Ex zone 0 and Ex zone 20
  • Ex n – for installing devices in Ex zone 2

In addition, relevant national approvals such as UL and GOST are available.



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