Monitoring and diagnostics

Monitoring and diagnostics

Always up to date

Keep an eye on your system parameters at all times and respond accordingly to any deviations.

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  • AC UPS with IQ Technology
    AC UPS with IQ Technology

    The intelligent AC UPS with IQ Technology ensures superior system availability. Monitor and optimize your energy storage with the QUINT AC UPS.

  • DC UPS with IQ technology
    DC UPS with IQ technology

    The intelligent DC UPS with IQ technology ensures superior system availability. Monitor and optimize your energy storage with the QUINT DC-UPS.

  • Diode modules
    Diode modules

    Protection and decoupling: protect your system against polarity reversal and decouple messages in the fault reporting system with EMG diode modules.

  • Lamp testing modules
    Lamp testing modules

    All lamps ready for operation: EMG lamp testing modules can be used to test lamps individually or to test multiple lamps centrally

  • Lightning current measuring
    Lightning monitoring

    The lightning monitoring system acquires and analyzes lighting surge currents. Maintenance can therefore be planned optimally.

  • Machine management
  • Monitoring relays
    Monitoring relays

    Relays for monitoring currents, voltages, and other power grid parameters.

  • Motor management
    Motor management

    Reliable protection for motor and system: motor managers measure power and detect critical load states.

  • Photovoltaic system management
    Solar system monitoring

    Switch off your PV system safely in the event of maintenance or danger and increase efficiency by always being informed about the state of your system.

  • Production site monitoring
    Production site monitoring

    Use the oil and gas monitor to monitor your oil and gas sources reliably and cost-effectively, even over large distances.

  • Remote monitoring
    Remote monitoring

    The TC Mobile I/O remote signaling and remote control system transmits data securely via SMS, e-mail, and GPRS.

  • Software for configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics
    Configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics

    Software tools for easy configuration, preventive monitoring, and fast diagnostics in the event of an error.

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Log, follow, and monitor the processes of individual modules or entire system parts using our products and solutions for monitoring and diagnostics.

Your advantages

  • Detect deviations in important system parameters at an early stage with monitoring relays, residual current measuring devices, and mobile phone products for remote monitoring
  • Utilize solar electricity efficiently – with photovoltaic string monitoring
  • Lightning current analysis whatever the location via online communication using the lightning monitoring system
  • Consistent notification of the state of your 24 V supply, thanks to uninterruptible power supply with IQ technology
  • Motors and systems protected against overload or underload with motor managers
  • Efficient system automation, thanks to software tools for fast startup, constant monitoring, and reliable diagnostics
  • Individually or centrally controlled testing of lamps with lamp testing modules


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