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The TOPMARK LASER marking system provides you with the flexibility to implement the requirements of challenging industrial identification. With over 400 markers for your terminal, conductor, cable, and device marking, you will find the ideal solution for your application.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive range of marking material to suit your needs
  • Easy operation, thanks to automated material handling
  • Save time through integration into the CLIP PROJECT planning and marking software
  • Save equipment and costs, thanks to direct marking

TOPMARK LASER – the technology

Laser marker and material  

Direct laser marking using the TOPMARK LASER

Thanks to the unique material handling and integration in the CLIP PROJECT planning and marking software, TOPMARK LASER is the fastest desktop laser marker in its class with a speed of over 250 labels per minute. 

You can now mark all materials without special knowledge of laser technology thanks to the easy operation.

  • Based on pulsed ytterbium fiber laser technology
  • Wide range of materials comprising aluminum, steel, plastic, and films
  • Direct laser marking means: no inks, no ink ribbon, no toner

Quick and easy marking

Marking material  

Marking material for TOPMARK LASER

Over 400 markers made of stainless steel, aluminum, ABS, polyacrylics, and polycarbonate are available for the TOPMARK LASER.

The stainless steel material can be marked in two ways: through material removal (engraving) or annealing marking. The latter involves changing the color of the material while the material surface remains level.

  • For all materials from the UCT product range
  • Automated material handling: TOPMARK LASER automatically detects the material sheets fed in
  • Carry out quick and effective marking - without time-consuming parameter settings



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