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Sensor/actuator cable - SAC-4P-MS/ 1,5-PUR/FS SCO - 1518902

Sensor/actuator cable, 4-position, PUR halogen-free, black-gray RAL 7021, Plug straight M12 SPEEDCON, A-coded, on Socket straight M12 SPEEDCON, A-coded, Cable length: 1.5 m

Network cable - NBC-MSX/ 2,0-94F/R4RC SCO - 1407476

Network cable, Ethernet CAT6A (10 Gbps), 8-position, PUR, water blue RAL 5021, shielded, Plug straight M12 SPEEDCON / IP67, Coding: X, on Plug straight RJ45 Push Pull / IP67, Cable length: 2 m

Sensor/actuator cable - SAC-3P-MR-A-1L-V SCO/.../... - 1400875

Sensor/actuator cable, 3-position, Variable cable type, Plug angled M12 SPEEDCON, A-coded, on Valve connector A, with 1 LED, connected with Varistor, Cable length: Free input (0.2 ... 40.0 m)

Cable plug in molded plastic - K-17 - OE/2,0-E01/M23 F8 - 1619277

Cable plug in molded plastic, length: 2 m, color of outer sheath: green

Sensor/actuator cable - SAC-3P-M8Y/2X1,5-PUR/M 8FR-2L - 1458761

Sensor/actuator cable, 3-position, PUR halogen-free, black-gray RAL 7021, Plug straight M8, on Socket angled M8, with 2 LEDs and Socket angled M8, with 2 LEDs, Cable length: 1.5 m

Master cable - SAC-14P- 5,0-PUR/M16FR - 1693746

Master cable, Application: Sensor/actuator box, Connection method: M8 socket Metal, Number of slots: 10, Number of positions: 14, Slot assignment: single, Status indication: No; Master cable connection: M16 plug connection, PUR/PVC, Cable length: 5 m, Shielding: No

Patch cable - FL CAT6 PATCH 2,0 - 2891589

Patch cable, CAT6, pre-assembled, 2.0 m

Double valve connector adapter - SAC-MS/0,2-116/2XB-1L-Z SCO - 1458305

Double valve connector adapter, npn, 4-position, PUR, black RAL 9005, Plug straight M12 SPEEDCON, A-coded, on Valve connector B (10 mm), with 1 LED, connected with Z diode and Valve connector B (10 mm), with 1 LED, connected with Z diode, Valve connector distance: 0.2 m

USB cable - CABLE-USB/MINI-USB-3,0M - 2986135

USB connecting cable: USB plug type A to USB plug type Mini-B; length: 3 m

Cable for programming - PSI-CA-USB A/MINI B/1METER - 2313575

USB 2.0 cable, USB A male plug to mini-USB B male plug, length: 1 m

4,698 Results


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