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Acoustic element - PSD-S AE BM2-1 85DB - 2700136

Buzzer element, continuous/pulse tone, 24 V AC/DC, max. 85 dB(A), black

Acoustic element - PSD-S AE SP1-3 100DB/2 - 2700137

Siren element, pulse tone, 24 V DC, self-regulating volume, max. 100 dB(A), black

Acoustic element - PSD-S AE SM7-4 100DB/3 - 2700141

Siren element, 7 tones, 24 V DC, max. 100 dB(A), tone range over 3 signal lines, black

Acoustic element - PSD-S AE SM2-7 105DB/1 - 2702998

Siren element, 24 V AC/DC, max. 105 db(A), continuous tone and alternating continuous tone

Acoustic element - PSD-S AE SM8-6 102DB/1 - 2702997

Siren element, 8 tones, 24 V AC/DC, max. 102 dB(A), tones selectable by DIP switch, black

Acoustic element - PSD-S AE V15/1 - 2700140

Voice output element, 24 V DC, max. 50 mp3 or wav files can be saved, max. 15 files can be controlled, black

6 Results


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