Termination board - IBS BA DSC/I-T - 2723042

Termination board, with electrical isolation for Bosch CL 300A, CL 350, CL 400/401, CL 500/501 PLCs



Technical data



Product Description

INTERBUS controller boards for Bosch controllers
Bosch Series CL 300A, CL 350, CL 400/401, CL 500/501 can be connected to INTERBUS by means of IBS BA DSC/I-T controller boards.
The controller board acts like a Bosch input/output card with a variable address range in the PLC.
The data of the INTERBUS I/O cards can be accessed directly via the periphery (L W IE, T W OE, ...), or indirectly using the process image (A B I, S B O, ...). This makes it possible to utilize the entire scope of language and diagnostic functions in the PLC.
The INTERBUS system can be activated automatically with switch-on or it can be controlled by parameterized variables. In controlled mode, configuration data, such as the bus structure, assignment of inputs and outputs and diagnostics response are transferred to the controller board. This occurs using function blocks. The controller board compares the configuration data received with the existing bus configuration or checks for incorrect definition (such as duplicate addressing).
After a successful check, the INTERBUS system is started and the application can access the current input and output data.
Operational and error states are displayed in plain text format on a four-line LC display. The same information is made available to the application using diagnostic registers. The diagnostic functions are expanded by system functions which can be used for control and system diagnostics of the INTERBUS.


Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2723042
Packing unit 1 pc
Note Made to Order (non-returnable)
GTIN 4017918141264
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 649.900 g
Custom tariff number 85389091
Country of origin DE (Germany)


36 Lyn Road
P.O. Box 916
ZA-Ferndale 2160



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