Interface converters - IBS 24 ETH DSC/I-T - 2722920

INTERBUS Ethernet coupler, Generation 4, with electrical isolation



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Termination board for connecting INTERBUS and Ethernet networks
Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) is the worldwide standard for networking PCs, workstations and other computers. In automation technology, Ethernet is the factory and plant-wide infrastructure for general communication tasks.
INTERBUS allows all field devices, from sensors to robots to industrial controllers, to be linked in one single network. INTERBUS provides optimum conditions for directly integrating field data in a higher-level Ethernet network.
The INTERBUS Ethernet coupler IBS 24 ETH DSC/I-T makes it possible to directly connect an INTERBUS system with its wide range of I/O modules and intelligent field devices to an Ethernet network. The integrated gateway function of the termination board ensures a direct, effective exchange of data between the Ethernet and the INTERBUS field devices. In this way, one or more computers in the Ethernet can flexibly access the data of the INTERBUS field devices.
The INTERBUS Ethernet coupler is the universal INTERBUS termination board for all computer and control systems that provide an access via Ethernet with the TCP/IP protocol. It also links applications on SUN, HP and DEC work stations as well as on Windows NT platforms. The standardized transport protocol TCP/IP is known worldwide and is available for all computer architectures and operating systems.
Powerful workstations and Windows NT platforms obtain access to processes via the connected INTERBUS input/output modules and field devices and can take on automation functions. The INTERBUS Ethernet coupler is a compact, effective data concentrator in the Ethernet network and allows innovative communication solutions within process control and material flow systems, as well as for production data acquisition and quality assurance.

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Key Commercial Data

Orderkey 2722920
Packing unit 1 pc
GTIN 4017918141233
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 1,894.000 g
Custom tariff number 85389091
Country of origin DE (Germany)


36 Lyn Road
P.O. Box 916
ZA-Ferndale 2160



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