WLAN access point for the ex area

WLAN access point for the ex area

Wireless communication in the ex area

The robust WLAN access point is used wherever data is safely transmitted from the ex area wirelessly.

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You can also benefit from the advantages of well-established wireless technology in potentially explosive areas with industrial WLAN products from Phoenix Contact which are suitable for use in Zone 2.

Your advantages

  • Maximum safety in Zone 2 potentially explosive areas
  • Create industrial WLAN networks easily and reliably – with intuitive planning and configuration concepts
  • Particularly secure, thanks to the latest security standards and encryption
  • Flexible in physical terms, thanks to ranges covering several hundred meters
  • Suitable for use outdoors, thanks to housing made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic with integrated antennas
  • Easy installation, thanks to integrated power supply unit for supplies with 100 V AC ... 240 V AC

WLAN solutions for the ex area

Tablet in front of a refinery  

Wireless Ethernet, even in potentially explosive areas

To ensure that the wireless Ethernet infrastructure can also be operated safely in potentially explosive areas, special protective measures are required. To this end, Phoenix Contact offers WLAN access points that are designed for operation in Zone 2. You can therefore benefit from the advantages of inexpensive and fast communication:

  • Fast and reliable data exchange between field level and the control room
  • High-performance communication in large halls or open spaces
  • Increased productivity, thanks to realtime access to maintenance information and network resources from any location
  • Versatile communication infrastructure, can be used in parallel for data, video, and voice transmission

Safely transmitting data over large distances

WLAN antenna  

Industrial WLAN over large distances

In large-scale industrial systems, data often has to be transmitted over distances of up to several hundred meters in a stable and safe way. To do this, you can combine the WLAN access points for the ex area with the comprehensive range of industrial antennas and accessories from Phoenix Contact.

High security standards reliably protect all your WLAN Ethernet networks against unauthorized access.

There are a wide range of possible applications:

  • Connecting system parts and diagnostics tablets in remote installations via Ethernet
  • Supplying buildings that are difficult to access or temporary buildings with an Ethernet connection
  • Increasing the fault tolerance of wired networks, thanks to redundant wireless paths


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