Press-drawn section housings

Press-drawn section housings

Tailored housing length

Fast mounting and free design – thanks to the simple snap-on system and open, modular design.

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Fast device mounting plus flexible length and position of the PCB – these are the core features of the press-drawn section housings from Phoenix Contact. Tailor your devices to your precise specifications as you can freely select the PCB connection technology. The open design principle is ideal for PCBs with large components. Protect your electronics with the optional hoods.

Your advantages:

  • Tailored housing length as can be cut to length with millimeter precision
  • Easy integration of large electronics, thanks to the open design
  • Heat-resistant UM-PRO made from polyamide with UL approval up to 105°C
  • Simplest device mounting method: the sides are fixed without the aid of tools using the snap-mount principle
  • Flexible design, thanks to freely positionable covering hood

UM-BASIC series


UM-BASIC press-down section housings

UM-BASIC press-drawn section housings combine short assembly times and maximum flexibility when choosing the connection technology. The low-profile design supports the assembly of flat electronic modules and their mounting on standard DIN rails or directly on the panel.

  • The connection plugs remain freely accessible for wiring
  • Less wiring effort and fast mounting using optional bus contacting
  • Variable ground connection, thanks to PE contacts that can be mounted on both sides

UM-PRO series

UM-PRO press-drawn section housings  

UM-PRO press-drawn section housings

Modern industrial electronics are becoming increasingly compact, distributed, and close to the process. Flexible panel mounting bases such as UM-PRO offer impressive features that save time and space and can also be used at high temperatures:

  • Heat-resistant polyamide enables use up to 105°C
  • UL approval for the American market

UM-ALU series

UM-ALU press-drawn section housings  

UM-ALU press-drawn section housings

In industrial environments with a high potential for electromagnetic interference, the requirements placed on EMC-sensitive electronics are high. The UM-ALU housing system is made entirely from aluminum, offers excellent EMC protection, and ensures complete flexibility during assembly.

  • High EMC protection
  • Heat resistant
  • High degree of flexibility, thanks to various profile sizes and covering hood


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