DC-to-DC variations

DC-to-DC variations

Three of Phoenix Contact’s DC/DC versions are dipped in conformal coating, seven are not.

Conformal coating

The three conformal-coating dipped versions are listed for use in Class I Division 2, Groups A/B/C/D areas. These three devices also have system-level approvals for ATEX and IECEx.  All three of these products accept a 24 V input and provide a 24 V output. The power outputs range from 120 W to 480 W.

Part NumberTypeDescription
2320542QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/5/24In/24Out/5 A
2320555QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/10/CO24In/24Out/10 A
2320568QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/20/CO24In/24Out/20 A
Part NumberTypeDescription
QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/5/24In/24Out/5 A
QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/10/CO24In/24Out/10 A
QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/20/CO24In/24Out/20 A
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Non-conformal coating

The seven non-conformal-coating dipped versions are listed for use in Class I Division 2, Groups A/B/C/D areas; however they are not approved for use where IECEx or ATEX is a requirement.

Part NumberTypeDescription
2320034QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/524In/24Out/5 A
2320092QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/1024In/24Out/10 A
2320102QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/2024In/24Out/20 A
2320115QUINT-PS/24DC/12DC/824In/12Out/8 A
2320128QUINT-PS/24DC/48DC/524In/48Out/5 A
2320131QUINT-PS/12DC/24DC/512In/24Out/5 A
2320144QUINT-PS/48DC/24DC/548In/24Out/5 A
Part NumberTypeDescription
QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/524In/24Out/5 A
QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/1024In/24Out/10 A
QUINT-PS/24DC/24DC/2024In/24Out/20 A
QUINT-PS/24DC/12DC/824In/12Out/8 A
QUINT-PS/24DC/48DC/524In/48Out/5 A
QUINT-PS/12DC/24DC/512In/24Out/5 A
QUINT-PS/48DC/24DC/548In/24Out/5 A
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Class I, Division 2

Class I, Division 2
All ten of these DC-to-DC part numbers are listed in UL File: E199827.
Each is cULus listed as:

  • Process control equipment
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A/B/C/D
  • T4
  • Hazardous locations
  • 31ZN
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Part numbers 2320542, 2320555, and 2320568 are the only ones that can be used in applications with an IECEx or ATEX requirement. These three have a device level approval with the following markings:

  • TuV 13 ATEX 090  493X
  • II 3G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc
  • IECEx TUN 13.0007X
  • Ex nA nC IIC T4 Gc

Conformal coating (dipped)

The printed circuit boards for part numbers 2320542, 2320555, and 2320568 are completely submerged in moisture-proofing coating. The coating is added to allow for a device-level IECEx/ATEX certification. In addition to the device-level approval, the following benefits are also realized:

  • Resistance to moisture/salt spray
  • Resistance to corrosive atmospheres/gases
  • Resistance to conductive debris
  • Improved shock and vibration specifications
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Key aspects

  • Operational temperature range: -40°C to +70°C
  • Integrated input fuse 25 A
  • Integrated input transient surge protection
  • Input low monitor with status output
  • Generation of current pulses to trip breakers (SFB Technology)
  • 6x the nameplate current value for 12mS
  • Additional static DC output current beyond the nameplate value
  • Status output to monitor current beyond nameplate value
  • Status output to monitor voltage drop below 10% of the adjusted value
  • Five-year standard warranty

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