Your UPS wellness plan

Your UPS wellness plan

QUINT-IQ: the self-health power assessment system. Download our prescription and start feeling better about your power today.

Why guess about the health of your UPS system?  Your control cabinet’s auto-immune system just got stronger. Meet Phoenix Contact’s QUINT IQ intelligent UPS system.  Our QUINT IQ performs like a wellness plan, helping you avoid complications by consulting with on-board electronics and monitoring your battery packs on a continual basis.

Instant diagnosis

It’s natural; day-to-day use of your UPS lowers the unit’s life expectancy, potentially leaving you with a no-power emergency.  The moment that QUINT IQ’s monitoring capability detects a symptom pointing towards lower life expectancy, a diagnosis of the situation is made.  It’s this intuitive predictive maintenance that enables QUINT IQ to yield optimal performance from your UPS.

You decide when to be notified

Customizable proactive alert notifications let you take control of when status updates are sent.  Simply set the alert for any predetermined percent-of-life level and take it easy — QUINT IQ will let you know when action is needed.


  • Application security via state-of-health reports
  • Accurate age capacity, ensuring no system compromise
  • Worry-free operation via early warning diagnostics


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