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Simply better informed - our Web First initiative

As part of Phoenix Contact's ongoing effort to provide our users with the most accurate and accessible product information possible, we have developed a range of useful tools aimed at making your web experience easy.

We recognize the importance of complete and up-to-date data, drawings, and 3D models during the design phase of your devices.  To better meet that need, we now provide more information about our products, systems, and solutions on our website and in our compact brochures.  As a result, a wide range of dimensional drawings, 3D models, product specifications, downloads, and other useful information is now at your fingertips. 

The resources that follow have been designed to make your web experience easier and to give you fast, intuitive access to our product information.

Web codes

Using web codes is a convenient way to quickly access all product-specific data on our website. These web codes can be found in the E-paper and Brochure downloads listed below.

To use: simply type in a hash tag (#) followed by a four-digit number and you will be taken directly to that product family within our online catalog.

E-paper downloads

These interactive PDFs not only give you quick access to product family information, via Web codes, and provide direct links to part number information; they allow you to do so by “turning the pages” as you would in a booklet.

Description Language Updated
Product navigator for connectors and electronics enclosure [E-Paper] English 04/13/2016
PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors [E-Paper] English 04/13/2016
Electronics housing [E-Paper] English 04/13/2016
Modular rectangular connectors [E-Paper] English 05/19/2015
Photovoltaic connectors [E-Paper] English 04/13/2016
Data connectors [E-Paper] English 04/13/2015
Circular connectors in M5, M8 and M12 [E-Paper] English 04/13/2016
Circular connectors in M17 to M58 [E-Paper] English 04/13/2016
New connectors and electronics enclosure 2015/2016 [E-Paper] English 04/13/2016

Brochure downloads

All printed catalogs have been converted to interactive PDFs, allowing you to click on Web Codes to get to product family information.  With certain products, by clicking on the part number, you will be taken to that product’s information in our on-line catalog.

Description Language
Product navigator for connectors and electronics housings [PDF, 2.81 MB]
[All DC] and is lit # 52007362


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Web First Initiative

Simply better informed.