Phoenix Contact power connectors

Solutions that literally go beyond

Panel feed-throughs in IP20 and IP67 allow you to transmit high currents through the device panel in a safe and easy way.

Through-panel connectors come in all shapes and sizes. Phoenix Contact offers them for multiple wire gauges, voltage and current ratings, and ingress protection ratings. Our comprehensive product portfolio provides consistent cabling solutions for various applications like motors, drives, or power supplies. Experience some of our solutions that literally go beyond.

Your advantages

  • One stop shop: panel-feed throughs for IP20 and IP67 applications
  • High flexibility in device design: various options for mounting and wire termination
  • Suitable for worldwide markets thanks to VDE and UL approvals
  • A multitude of accessories and services provide maximum suitability

IP6x panel feed-throughs for field applications

M12 circular connectors

M12 power

While devices are becoming more compact, their electrical requirements are growing. The traditional M12 power connectors provide and excellent power rating in a still compact design.

  • Up to 12 A/600 V
  • 3 to 6 positions
  • S, T, K, L, and M coding types
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M17 connector

M17 power

M17 power connectors are the right choice for more demanding applications like industrial motors and drives. Panel feed-throughs, cable connectors, and molded versions allow for consistent cabling solutions.

  • Up to 15 A/600 V
  • 4 to 9 positions
  • M17 COMPACT and SPEEDCON versions
Push-pull connector


Rugged, one-piece, zinc, die-cast push-pull ADVANCE connectors correspond with the push-pull data connector. Therefore this series is particularly suitable for consistent PROFINET cabling in industrial environments.

  • Up to 16 A/24 V
  • For cable diameters from 6.5 to 13 mm
  • IP65/67 protection rating
PRC device connector

PRC circular connectors

Plastic circular connections are ideally suited for compact and safe power transmission in building, industrial, and outdoor applications. Crimp contacts allow for easy and efficient cable assembly.

  • Up to 35 A/600 V
  • 3 or 5 positions
  • IP66/68/69K protection rating
M23 cable connector

M23 hybrid

Straight and angled M23 hybrid connectors can be used to transmit signals, data, and power using just one connector. The three-in-one solution features a CAT5 interface in a very robust design.

  • 30 A/850 V DC or 630 V AC
  • 4 x signal, 4 x power, 4 x data or 4 x power, 8 x signal
  • IP67 protection rating

IP20 panel feed-throughs for cabinet applications

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Printed-circuit board connector

IC 2,5 STGF with panel-mounting frame

A panel-mounting frame allows the traditional IC 2,5 PCB connections to be used for power transmissions through the device panel. A simple and reliable solution that is compatible with our popular line of MSTB connectors.

  • Up to 12 A/300 V
  • 2 to 16 positions
  • 30 to 12 AWG
DFK PC5 printed-circuit board connector


This feed-through PCB header allows you to continue shielding through a device panel, keeping EMI as high as possible. Screw flange versions provide reliable protection against physical strain.

  • Up to 41 A/600 V
  • 2 to 12 positions
  • 24 to 8 AWG
UW 25 printed-circuit board connector

UW 25

The panel feed-through terminal block UW 25 combines the traditional screw termination with a simple, reliable snap-together assembly in a new touch-proof design. Molded versions provide maximum sealing.

  • Up to 112.5 A/600 V
  • 1 position – easy grouping for unlimited options
  • 10 to 2 AWG
Panel feed-through terminal block

PLW 16

PLW 16 panel feed-through terminal blocks provide an easy, tool-free wire termination. The lever actuation allows time-saving cabling and ensures constant contact force for long-term reliability.

  • Up to 40 A/600 V
  • 3 to 5 positions
Panel feed-through terminal block - TW 50

TW 50

TW 50 high-current feed-through terminal blocks feature the all new T-LOX connection technology. This wire termination principle is ideally suited for larger wire gauges.

  • Up to 150 A/600 V
  • 1 to 6 positions
  • 8 to 1/0 AWG


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Panel feed-throughs with T-LOX connection

For conductor cross sections from 16 to 95 mm²

Panel feed-throughs with screw or Push-in connection

With screw, rivet, or flange fastening