Eliminate extra terminal blocks

Eliminate extra terminal blocks

With our PLC Relay Actuator series, you can easily connect common 2-wire devices to a single relay, eliminating the costs and space of additional terminal blocks typically used in these applications.

100's of Options, 100's of Solutions

Phoenix Contact has designed hundreds of products to make your job easier. For example, our PLC Relay Actuator Series is specifically for use with common 2-wire devices. By eliminating the N/C contact — typically unused in most installations — this relay series provides three separate terminals on the output side for connection. As a result, all wires from devices like contactors, valves and small motors connect directly to the relay, without the need of an additional terminal block for power return.   

Using our PLC Relay Actuator series will:

  • Open up space on the DIN rail
  • Reduce labor and components costs
  • Eliminate an extra point of failure

Like all PLC relays, the Actuator series is available with screw, spring or push-in field terminals.  Using it will yield space savings of approximately 80 percent on your DIN rail and approximately 60 percent less time spent on installation. The PLC Relay Actuator series from Phoenix Contact will help your bottom line and allow you to accomplish more work in less time.


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