RIFLINE Complete

RIFLINE Complete

Industrial relays for the 21st Century. Our fully-assembled relays now feature screw-connection technology and much more.

Phoenix Contact brings industrial relays into the 21st Century with RIFLINE Complete; an innovative line of general purpose ice-cube relays. RIFLINE Complete offers screw and PT push-in terminations, easy marking, and universal bridging.

RIFLINE Complete consists of fully-assembled relays and individual components. The relays are available in multiple form-factors and contact arrangements. RIFLINE Complete offers a solution for virtually every switching application.

Your advantages:

  • Uses the same accessories as our DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks: plug-in bridges, test plugs, end clamps, and marking accessories
  • Wide range of relays: slim interface relays, 4PDT ice-cube relays, octal relays, 3PDT mini contactors, and more
  • Screw and PT push-in connection technologies

PT push-in termination

Completely-assembled relay modules with fast, reliable Push-in Technology, designed by Phoenix Contact.

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Screw-cage termination

Classic screw terminals accommodate a wide range of wire sizes while still offering the many benefits of the RIFLINE Complete portfolio.

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Force-guided coupling relays

Force-guided relays provide mechanically-linked switching and feedback contacts in one package. These relays are used to confirm switching operations in critical applications. UL Listed and fully-assembled, the modules feature replaceable relays.

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Universal UT and PT terminal block accessories

Save time, save money, and minimize the hassles of inventory management. RIFLINE Complete uses common Phoenix Contact terminal block accessories.

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System cabling solutions

It’s easy! Quickly and accurately wire interposing relays. System cabling adapters provide high-speed solutions for output applications.

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Universal timer module

The available plug-in multifunctional timer module quickly converts a standard ice-cube relay into a timer relay. The timer provides three timing functions with time ranges from 0.5 seconds to 100 minutes.

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RIFLINE complete is an inexpensive relay system with various accessories.

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