SafetyBridge technology

Flexible, distributed safety I/O and logic for your automation network.

SafetyBridge allows you to apply flexible safety I/O through an already existing control network.  With safety logic distributed in the standard network, you configure your safety in a way that best fits your application — and your budget.  Our distributed logic module replaces expensive integrated safety processors on-board the PLC.  

After programming and startup, the non-safe PLC acts as a transfer medium; however, direct diagnostics and I/O status are available from each SafetyBridge module on the network.

SafetyBridge technology

No higher-level safety controller required

  • A cost-effective alternative to using a safety controller
  • A clear separation between safety and standard applications


  • Less wiring work is needed to achieve functional safety
  • Safety signals are acquired and output wherever required, providing flexibility and cost savings


  • Maintain the safety concept without special adaptations, regardless of the controller used


  • Flexible use in various networks, without any changes to the safety concept
  • The wireless transmission of safety-related signals is also possible
  • Complete openness in terms of the bus systems used


Description Language Updated
SAFECONF software version 2.92 Build 2373 V2016 [EXE]
SAFECONF software, which is available free of charge, can be used to easily configure the functions of PSR-TRISAFE and SafetyBridge technology using drag & drop.
English 10/28/2016
SBT V2 PLC Integration Packages 1.5 [EXE, 75.79 MB]
SafetyBridge technology V2 integration package for controllers from Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Rockwell, ABB AC 800M, CODESYS, Mitsubishi, NUM Flexium, and Schneider.
English 10/28/2016
SBT V3 PLC Integration Packages 2.1 [EXE, 38.39 MB]
SafetyBridge technology V3 integration package for controllers from Phoenix Contact.
English 06/26/2017


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