Push-in technology

Sensor/actuator terminal blocks with push-in technology

Wire sensors and actuators completely with PTIO terminal block.

Thanks to their compact design, the PTIO terminal blocks are tailored to the wiring of modern machine controllers. These terminal blocks of the same shape can be consistently bridged with the CLIPLINE complete plug-in bridge system and offer maximum flexibility.

  • A wide range of products thanks to versions with PE function or light indicator
  • Optimum overview of signal connections with a variety of marking options
  • Modular expansion up to a maximum of 50 positions using terminal blocks of the same shape


Narrow sensor/actuator terminal block  

Narrow sensor/actuator terminal block

For wiring 3-conductor sensors and actuators in a space-saving and time-saving manner with a terminal block width of just 3.5 mm. Even with their small width, the terminal blocks offer:

  • Easy push-in connection technology
  • Test options at every terminal point
  • Large-surface, clearly legible labeling options

Push-in technology

Solid, stranded or ferruled wire can be used, requiring no specialized tools. Solid and ferruled wires can be simply pushed in the termination area. For stranded wires, open the termination area by pushing on the orange actuator with basic screwdriver.


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