Ethernet Extenders

Ethernet Extenders

Cover large distances at high speed – use your existing cables for the latest applications.

Extend your Ethernet, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 or ProfiBus network using your existing cables.  It’s easy with Ethernet Extenders, which provide data communications at distances over 12 miles.  They work right out-of-the-box with auto speed negotiations up to 15 Mbps and offer maximum data rates up to 30 Mbps.

Ethernet Extenders offer:

  • Easy startup with plug-and-play or user-friendly configuration software
  • Cost-effective alternative to new fiber optic infrastructure
  • Ethernet, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 and ProfiBus network support
  • Long ranges and high-data rates using SHDSL technology
  • No IP network configuration - network transparent and IPv4/IPv6 support
  • Support for point-to-point, star and ring topology
  • Up to 30 Mbps capability

Common applications

Ethernet Extenders offer up to 30 Mbps capability  

Ethernet Extenders offer up to 30 Mbps capability

  • Legacy phone lines — for high speed data access
  • Long runs of existing multicore cable — for Ethernet networking
  • Slip ring data communication — maintenance cycles can be reduced

Speed vs. Distance Calculator

  • Compare different configurations of a system to determine ideal data rate.
  • Select between 2 or 4 wire, distance and wire gauge.
  • Speed vs distance graph allows you to select your best solution.


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