Optimize your workforce

Optimize your workforce

Convert manual duties into unified, automated assets. Phoenix Contact’s solution provides continuous level monitoring, alarm generation, and pumping of precipitation water for transformer catch basins.

In order to comply with specific requirements, standards, and laws concerning environmental protection, oil-based devices utilizing transformers and electrical coils must be monitored continuously.

Minimize man hours

Monitoring these stations requires a significant dedication of on-site personnel. The IEC 61850 monitoring system for transformer catch basins allows you to covert those manual duties into an automated process.

By using real-time communication—utilizing fiber optics, cellular, or copper technologies—the time and complexity of connecting devices to existing network architectures are dramatically reduced. Along with protocol flexibility and customer-defined data modeling, this catch-basin solution features continuous level monitoring, alarm generation, oil presence sensing, and pumping of precipitation water.

Functions of the monitoring system:

  • Level monitoring of the transformer catch basin
  • IEC 61850 messages to the network control center:
    • Alarm issued when limit values are exceeded
    • Eight freely programmable digital inputs for additional alarms
    • Pump control and management for start and termination of pumping
    • Early termination of pumping in the event of oil detection
  • Modular extension possible for complete connection of the transformer to the control technology, using IEC 61850

Through automation, this solution dramatically reduces the amount of on-site, manual monitoring required. You’ll also cut operating costs, find it easily integrated into your station control technology, and be able to install easily, thanks to its ready-to-connect system.


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