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Life after Ukraine (LAU); Real world strategies on LAU cyber security defenses

There is little doubt the Ukrainian cyber incidents shook up the industrial control system (ICS) security industry. One positive outcome is that industrial asset owners around the world are now discussing, designing, or executing on strategies to mature their operational technology (OT) security defenses beyond compliance or industry baselines. This talk will focus on life after Ukraine and the real world cyber security defenses and strategies ICS/SCADA asset owners are putting in motion.

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The Secrets to IEC 61850 Exposed: What You Need to Know about Communications that the Standard Does Not Tell You

With IEC 61850, utilities need to understand how their existing communications infrastructure will be impacted and plan their integration. Alternatively, as utilities plan to migrate to IP to the substation, IEC 61850 provides viable options that can be leveraged to increase the utilization of that available bandwidth. This presentation will reveal how IEC 61850 impacts communications to and within the substation without addressing those impacts in the standard.

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The Severe Electromagnetic Threats to the Electric Power System (HEMP, IEMI and Geomagnetic Storms) 

This presentation will review three severe electromagnetic threats that provide a serious challenge to the operation of the U.S. power grid. These include: a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) attack produced by the detonation of a nuclear device in space; intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) produced by a nearby attack using new-technology electromagnetic weapons; and the exposure of the power grid from solar activity producing a severe geomagnetic storm on the Earth.

The presentation will review the electromagnetic characteristics of each threat, a summary of how these electromagnetic fields can create upsets and damage to power grid components and finally how the power grid can be protected from each of these threats.

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Substation Hardening Observations and Considerations

Implementation of large scale, programmatic security changes take planning and the right team to successfully execute.  Considerations such as line clearance, soil composition, site permitting, operational security strategy and organizational cultural can all affect cost, schedule, and system effectiveness.  During this presentation Mr. Hope will discuss organization considerations for the successful implementation of substation security efforts.  He will also discuss pros and cons of specific mitigation measures that he and his teams have observed while working throughout the country.

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