QUINT POWER power supplies

QUINT POWER low wattage

Compact, low-wattage power supplies with maximum functionality

Phoenix Contact’s QUINT POWER product family is expanding! The QUINT POWER AC/DC power supply family now include low-wattage options ranging from 30 W – 100 W.  These low-wattage power supplies offer advanced functionality and capabilities such as a powerful dynamic boost and preventative function monitoring.

QUINT POWER low wattage features maximum functionality and more

  • Preventative function monitoring with an adjustable signal output enables LED and remote digital monitoring to detect critical operating states before faults occur
  • Dynamic power boost of up to 200 percent of the nominal current for up to five seconds offers the option to reliably start inductive loads without disrupting the output voltage
  • Permanent static power boost of up to 125 percent of the nominal current gives users the option to easily extend the system without switching to a larger power supply (1.3 A and 2.5 A options only)
  • Choice of either push-in or screw connection
  • Compact design creating essential space savings for smaller applications
  • High efficiency allowing for energy savings, lower self-heating, and an increased service life of the power supply
  • Device startup at -40°C ensuring reliable operation under extreme ambient conditions

The world’s best power now includes miniaturized varieties! We have added low-wattage devices to our premium QUINT POWER family to incorporate compact application designs with maximum functionality!

QUINT POWER family addition

The QUINT POWER product family now includes 24 V DC, single-phase devices up to 100W. These additions have low-wattage capabilities with premium functionality features. The QUINT POWER low wattage power supplies are tailored to meet critical application requirements that demand high functionality in a space-saving design. These QUINT POWER additions are all NEC Class 2 which provide opportunities for analytical and strategic application designs in the most ambient and rigorous conditions. Connection options include push-in and screw technology for easy and flexible installation.


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Try low-wattage QUINT POWER supplies

Phoenix Contact’s family of QUINT power supplies now includes low-wattage additions, ranging from 30 W to 100 W.

Preventative signal monitoring

This video highlights how you utilize the preventative signal monitoring capabilities of our new QUINT POWER low wattage power supplies.