No surprises

No surprises

With the QUINT UPS-IQ from Phoenix Contact, the status of your Class I, Div. 2 battery will always be clear. Install properly with our "Best practices for UPS Class I, Div. 2 installation" download.

Never be surprised by a dead battery again. The QUINT UPS-IQ from Phoenix Contact gives you its own health report via direct alarm or networked data and e-mail communication

Modular QUINT UPS-IQ batteries are listed as individuals for Class I, Division 2, Groups A/B/C/D. Even more unique is the fact that up to five batteries can be used with any UPS (5, 10, 20, and 40 A versions) and still maintain CID2 listing.

Battery Detection

Battery Detection: automatically identifies the type of battery in use as well as other critical battery information.

State of Charge (SOC)

State of Charge (SOC): indicates the remaining back-up time and level of charge on the battery.  This gives you the ability to see the amount of available time left at a quick glance.

State of Health (SOH)

State of Health (SOH): indicates the remaining service life of the battery module.  The history of the battery module is recorded and then provides an indication of when the battery needs to be replaced, before it becomes a concern.

State of Function (SOF)

State of Function (SOF): indicates the capacity of the battery module.  The available capacity of the battery is provided, indicating how well the battery is accepting the charge and if the full capacity is still available.

DIN rail UPS configuration software instructional videos

*Configuration software is only required for specific needs and/or monitoring. The QUINT UPS-IQ can be used "out of the box" with no software configuration requirements.

QuintIQ Video Tutorial 1

The first steps with UPS-CONF

The Phoenix Contact QUINT UPS-IQ can be configured and monitored with UPS-CONF software. This tutorial shows how to install the UPS-CONF software and connect the UPS device.





QuintIQ Video Tutorial 2

Intelligent UPS management

The Phoenix Contact UPS-CONF software displays all parameters of the QUINT UPS-IQ in a clearly arranged view, which gives you a full overview of your UPS system at all times. Furthermore, all events can be logged.




QuintIQ Video Tutorial 3

Automatic battery detection

Phoenix Contact QUINT UPS-IQ. Your UPS solution can be installed quickly and easily as any connected battery modules are detected automatically. It is no longer necessary to set the charging characteristic, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.



QuintIQ Video Tutorial 4

PC mode

Phoenix Contact QUINT UPS-IQ, UPS-CONF. In PC mode, a PC or industrial PC is supplied with 24 V DC for as long as possible in accordance with the currently available buffer time. This prevents a premature shutdown of the PC. If the mains power does not return at the end of the buffer time, the UPS shuts down the computer in a controlled fashion. When the mains power returns, the PC starts automatically and a manual restart is not necessary.



QuintIQ Video Tutorial 5

Service mode

Phoenix Contact QUINT UPS-IQ. The intelligent UPS informs you of the remaining life expectancy of the battery, making servicing easy to plan. If the battery is replaced at the ideal time, you can avoid costs that would occur by replacing the battery too early or after a failure.

The UPS-IQ also features a service mode, which can be activated during operation, for example, in order to replace the battery or perform maintenance work. This informs the control room that the UPS cannot buffer during this period.





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