Essential cordsets and connectors

North American cordsets and connectors

M8, M12 and MINI 7/8" products — an essential for industrial machines — made in North America for fast delivery!

M8, M12, or micro half-inch sensor cordsets

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M8, M12 and MINI 7/8" form factors have become an industry standard for robust and watertight quick-connect applications. Used primarily on sensors, actuators, instruments and devices, these circulars are now an essential component on most industrial machines.

We’ve learned over the years that the greatest benefit a customer can receive from a cordset manufacturer is fast delivery of quality products. Therefore, Phoenix Contact is proud to offer many factory molded cordsets with an enhanced service model.

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MINI 7/8" signal and power cabling

MINI 7/8 cables and cordsets for signal and power  

MINI 7/8 cables and cordsets for signal and power

Our MINI 7/8" program is offered in three different series depending on the application requirements:

  • 18 AWG - PLTC rated yellow PVC jacket for 300 V signals
  • 16 AWG - STOOW rated yellow PVC jacket for 600 V signals
  • 14 AWG - STOOW TC-ER rated black PVC jacket for 600V power

NPT threaded M12 and MINI 7/8” receptacles

M12 and MINI 7/8 receptacles for 1/2 NPT mounting threads  

M12 and MINI 7/8" receptacles for 1/2" NPT mounting threads

National Pipe Threading (NPT) receptacles provide a sealed disconnect point to threaded devices and enclosures. The newly expanded series is ideal for use with either instruments or control cabinets. The product range is geared toward industrial applications and offers various form factors to match current and voltage requirements.

M8 and M12 signal cabling

M12 Signal  

M12 cables and cordsets for signal collection

Our M8 and M12 stocked product is made with 105°C yellow PVC. Our M8 products are ideal for areas with space constraints or devices with the smaller M8 interconnect. The cable is sunlight resistant and is offered in both shielded and non-shielded variants. M12's with 18 or 22 AWG wires are PLTC rated (Power Limited Tray Cable) which allows easier cable routing according to NEC guidelines. The integration of M12 SPEEDCON 1/2 turn coupling nuts delivers faster connection with complete backwards compatibility.

M12 Ethernet cabling

M12 Ethernet  

M12 Ethernet for data communication

The use of Ethernet based networks for machine communication is increasing greatly. To support the connection of devices to the network, Phoenix Contact offers three groups of M12 products. North American production offers both D- and A-code variants.

  • D-code M12 uses four wire SF-UTP cable for speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • A-code M12 uses eight wire SF-UTP cable for speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • X-code M12 uses eight wire S-FTP cable for speeds up to 10 Gbps

M12 for Hazardous Locations

M8 cables and cordsets for signal collection  

CID2 M12 cables for hazardous locations

In many process applications it is not just measuring and evaluation devices that must satisfy the requirements of the standard for potentially explosive areas, the connection components must also meet these requirements. We therefore offer UL-listed M12 cabling for Class I, Division 2 and for Class I, Zone 2 IIC in Groups A, B, C, and D.

The M12 cabling for potentially explosive areas is supplied with a locking clip. It can only be opened using a screwdriver and prevents accidental disconnection of the plug-in connection.

M12 and MINI 7/8" DeviceNet™

M12 and MINI 7/8 DeviceNet™ cables  

M12 and MINI 7/8" DeviceNet™ cables

DeviceNet™ is ideally suitable for clear automation tasks thanks to the ultra-compact SMS format of the CIP protocol (Common Industrial Protocol). DeviceNet™ is standardized in European standard EN 50325 and is maintained by the ODVA (Open DeviceNet™ Vendor Association). It is one of the main fieldbuses used for material handling and industrial vehicle applications. Both M12 and MINI 7/8" products via trunk and drops support the physical layer of this protocol.

Fast delivery and factory inventory of catalog products

Speedy TranSACtion

When you see the Speedy TranSACtion logo in our catalog or online, you’ll be able to identify which items are factory stocked or locally produced in the USA. Any of these items can be shipped from our logistics center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania within seven days or less.


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