Steady uptime

In mission-critical applications, downtime is unacceptable. Control your modern data with the reliability of our ILC 2050 BI controller.

Applications such as hospital clean rooms, data centers, and boilers rely on uninterrupted uptime. Running your automation on a control platform with a robust, industrially graded controller, like the ILC 2050 BI with Niagara from Phoenix Contact, delivers a highly reliable control platform with a steady stream of uptime.

Over the past decade, building automation has grown as management systems allow for easier control over different portions of a building. Controlling HVAC, lighting, security, and alarming are quickly becoming important ways for maintenance managers to keep costs low and increase building efficiency.

What is Niagara?

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In the world of building automation, many pieces of a system are typically run by various companies that specialize in specific fields. One company may be responsible for HVAC, another for lighting, still another for security, and so on.

The challenge with this model is that you have to deal with multiple interfaces, one for each system, thereby making your full building-management strategy increasingly difficult.

Make Niagara your solution:

  • Utilize a platform built on openness
  • Build drivers that interface with multiple systems
  • Aggregate data under a single platform and interface into different pieces of the network
  • Tap into a large community of individuals trained and prepared to support the platform

What does industrial grade mean?

There are many applications in building automation requiring a rugged and industrially graded controller. In conventional or commercial building automation application, the loss of a system is not critical.

Lights not turning on for an hour in the employee lobby, for example, are not critical to the performance of a system.

In critical applications where the environment becomes challenging or the loss of building control causes extreme problems, a more robust and industrially graded hardware piece may offer a more effective controls deployment.

Critical applications could include:

  • Data centers
  • Air handlers in manufacturing facilities
  • Operating rooms
  • Airports
  • Boiler rooms

What does Phoenix Contact have to offer?

The ILC 2050 BI from Phoenix Contact is a Niagara-based controller that is ideal for mission-critical applications:

  • Industrially graded hardware
    • UL 508 certification
    • Shock-and-vibration testing
    • I/O port-to-port isolation
  • Dense I/O expandability in a small footprint
  • Modularity of I/O for mixing and matching signals as needed

The Phoenix Contact ILC 2050 BI is a Niagara controller compatible with the existing Niagara workbench used to program any Niagara controller. Our I/O is easily discoverable within the Niagara workbench with free rivers specific to this controller.


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