Go ahead, DIY

Go ahead, DIY

Build your own expandable I/O platform with ME-IO housings.

Now, you can take charge of maximizing your I/O density with modular ME-IO housings from Phoenix Contact.  ME-IO housings empower you to do it yourself.  Our simple-to-use, off-the-shelf housing product, with convenient front-wiring connections and a scalable design, enables you to create your own control platform.

ME-IO housings feature:

  • Up to 36 I/O connection points
  • A slim 19-mm profile
  • Scalable
  • Built-in backplane communication

Whether you are an industrial control manufacturer or a small- to medium-sized OEM with full design capabilities, Phoenix Contact’s ME-IO provides you with a less expensive solution to designing an entire control platform on your own.  In other words: DIY I/O.


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