Gasoline and a match

Would you put these together?

Eliminate the danger of mismatched connections with the unique interface of SUNCLIX DC connectors: always a safe connection.

SUNCLIX from Phoenix Contact is the only line of DC connectors designed with a unique interface that prevents installers from making a connection using components from different manufacturers.

When you couple different contact designs, poor performance is sure to follow, as are loss of energy and potentially hazardous failures.

Mismatched installations - a costly and dangerous combination

The effects of pairing components from different manufacturers can lead to a multitude of problems:

  • Local hot spots, arcing, overheating, and material degradation
  • Energy loss, total system breakdown, fire damage, and bodily injury
  • Loss of financial earnings, loss of the overall investment, and potentially huge liability

It’s an easy assumption

Non-compatible pairings may seem harmless, but looks can be deceiving.  The fact is that IEC and UL certifications are only valid for mated components of the same manufacturer.  Transition resistance exposes connectors to excessively high heat. Loss of energy due to that heat damage causes financial loss, too – for large- and medium-sized PV systems, this can result in millions of dollars.

Eliminate the dangers of a mismatch by asking for SUNCLIX

SUNCLIX with spring-connection technology is faster, simpler, and much more reliable. Assembly is easy and once you’ve made a SUNCLIX connection, you know it’s a good one.

SUNCLIX assembly and unlocking instructions


  1. Insert the stripped PV conductor
  2. Press spring and click in
  3. Tighten the cable gland 2 Nm


  1. Can only be released by using a screwdriver

SUNCLIX is a tool-free time saver.  Install your PV system quickly and economically, without the use of tools.

SUNCLIX connectors for PV modual interconnect

SUNCLIX connectors for PV modual interconnect

SUNCLIX DC connectors from Phoenix Contact are now ETL certified to UL 6703.  This is the only tool-free PV connector certified for use in North America.  Now you can eliminate the need for special tools and reduce labor costs associated with the wiring PV modules on the factory floor or on the job site.



For the trend to provide energy from building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), Phoenix Contact has developed the SUNCLIX mini, a compact DC connection system to provide a permanent, reliable, and stable connection from the module to the inverter.

SUNCLIX advantages:

  • No possibility of faulty crimps
  • Terminate cable up to 10 times
  • Disconnect mated connectors using only a screwdriver
  • 1774674 (+) Socket contact
  • 1774687 (-) Pin contact

Phoenix Contact also supports the PV industry with products ranging from terminal blocks, surge protection, CT modules, fuse blocks, motor starters, and a full line of wireless products. For additional information request our brochure components and systems for photovoltaics.


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